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Social Innovation

Driving the Future.
With Innovation.

The cornerstone of innovation for strengthening Social
Innovation Business, Hitachi Research and
Development is adept at developing next-generation
digital solutions.


  • Social challenges like climate change, devastating diseases
  • Security threat
  • Disconnect between academia and industry
  • Urban-rural gap

Co-Creating Solutions for a
Sustainable Society

Get to know how Hitachi India R&D is bringing innovations across India’s core sectors
for a better Quality of Life for all citizens

Key Focus Areas To Drive Change

OT x IT Solutions

Building a strong digital foundation for a robust India and enhancing region-specific customised solutions.

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Smart Life Solutions
Smart Life

Building a resilient ecosystem to develop reliable and innovative infrastructure to improve people’s lives.

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Green Technology Solutions

Ushering social innovation to create an impactful sustainable framework for e-mobility and accelerate India’s journey towards a carbon-neutral environment.

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Green Energy Solutions

Offering latest technology for electric power utilities to facilitate quicker restoration of electricity and reduce operations and management costs.

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Industry 4.0 Solutions

Building new age industries for today’s fast-moving world to ensure maximum compliance.

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Hitachi Nation Development Solutions

Accelerating India’s Growth

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Accelerating Nation's Growth

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