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Social Innovation

Mr. Kazunari Kurokawa (President & MD Hitachi Automotive Systems India)
Kazunari Kurokawa President & MD
Hitachi Automotive Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Hitachi Automotive Systems (India) contributes to the realization of an affluent society by creating new values for people, vehicles and society by improving the performance of an engine, resulting in overall efficiency of the vehicle, conservation of the natural resources and reduced vehicular emission, contributing towards building a sustainable society and Sustainable Development Goals.

In India we produce high energy IGC (ignition coil) & VTC (valve timing control) which increases the fuel efficiency and reduce emission from gasoline engines. We are also going to launch Central Gate way - Electronic Control Unit (CGW-ECU) which plays a major role in ensuring the security systems and software used in the future advanced connected cars.

Hitachi Automotive Systems will continue to provide the world, with leading products and services through its Social Innovation Business.

Over the years India has emerged as one of the leading markets in the automotive world witnessing a spurt in the volume and quality of passenger cars on the road.

The rise in aspirations of the Indian consumer and adherence to BS6 standard by 2020 is pushing manufacturers to produce advanced vehicles that are highly fuel-efficient and low on pollution.

Hitachi's ability to create unique automotive solutions through integrating its extensive pool of IT and OT knowledge base is helping its customers to seamlessly upgrade to the enhanced quality norms and contribute towards a low carbon footprint society. For India, a nation that is young and rapidly growing that translates into large-scale conservation of its natural resources and environment and a big step towards the nation's Sustainable Development Goals.

Hitachi Automotive Systems India is helping the automotive industry to improve the performance of an engine, resulting in overall fuel efficiency of the vehicle, conservation of natural resources and reduced vehicular emission. Thus, helps customers in meeting emission norms and country's sustainable development goals.

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