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Social Innovation

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Connecting Human
Minds & Machines

Fostering digital lean manufacturing to usher in industry 4.0
and modernize India’s manufacturing sector

Challenges That Deter Manufacturing Success

  • Global pandemic
  • Global competition
  • Waste materials
  • Constantly changing demand among diverse customer needs
  • Lack of supply chain transparency
  • Product inconsistencies

Co-Creating Smart Manufacturing

Learn how Hitachi India is bringing innovations across industry verticals
to drive their sustainable growth

Solutions Accelerating Transition to Industry 4.0

Hitachi Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Execution System (HITPHAMS)

Allowing pharmaceutical companies to operate the production process and exercise quality control over the production, fostering real-time monitoring, automatic data collection, etc.

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Hitachi Lumada
Hitachi Lumada

Connecting industrial assets with intelligent software to deliver smart manufacturing and forever reshaping the manufacturing sector.

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Digital Solutions
Digital Solutions

Helping manufacturers identify and implement cost-effective digital solutions in manufacturing operations and facilitating smart factories.

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Digital Supply Chain Solutions
Digital Supply Chain Solutions

Leveraging edge intelligence and co-creation services to usher in Social Innovation Business.

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Industry 4.0 Solutions
Industry 4.0 Solutions

Facilitating smart manufacturing with myriad solutions like Preventive and predictive analysis, Digitized Quality Assurance Inspection, Production Comparison Analysis, and many more.

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Hitachi Process Intelligence- Manufacturing (HPI-M)

Leveraging advanced Process Analytics & Data Analytics to help businesses generate intelligent insights for the next-level digital transformation of the industry.

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Manufacturing Industry Solutions

Reimagining India’s Manufacturing Industry

Empowering Manufacturing Industry with Process & Data

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