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Social Innovation

Life & Economy:
Humanizing Digital

Fostering digital transformation to empower society and drive
value-led sustainability.

Societal Challenges

  • Unleveraged data hindering faster data coherence
  • Global pandemic
  • Climate change
  • Urban-rural gap

Serving Humanity With Sustainable Solutions

Discover how Hitachi India, through Social Innovation Business, is touching millions of lives, strengthening the nation’s IT infrastructure and digital economy.

Digitalizing Life & Economy for a Brighter Future

Industry 4.0 Solutions
Industry 4.0 Solutions

Simplifying manufacturing with myriad solutions like Preventive and Predictive Analysis, Digitized Quality Assurance Inspection, and Production Comparison Analysis.

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Public Transport Optimization Solutions
Public Transport Optimization Solutions

Strengthening India’s bus transport systems and passenger safety with advanced digital solutions that provides an intuitive visualization of bus operations & management through IoT analytics.

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Digital Payments Solutions
Digital Payments Solutions

Empowering Indians digitally through contactless, paperless, cashless transactions.

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Advanced Geographical Information Systems Solutions
Advanced Geographical Information Systems Solutions

Helping farmers pursue a data-led cropping system to aid more crop production, develop a Connected Farmer Ecosystem, and revive the economy.

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Sustainable Development Solutions

Accelerating India’s Growth

Hitachi In India

Accelerating Nation's Growth

Smart Life Solutions

Hitachi: Co-creating New India Digitally

Co-Creating Digital

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