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Social Innovation

Powering a Carbon-
Neutral Energy Future

Accelerating India’s green energy transition
with electricity as the backbone of the energy
system with a smart portfolio of digital and
green energy solutions.

Sustainable Energy Solutions

Advancing a Sustainable Energy Future

Modern Energy Solutions for a New Era

High Voltage Direct Current Technology
Energy Distribution, Generation & Transmission

Empowering distribution networks to meet the soaring demand for electricity through sustainable solutions such as High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) technology, digitalization, and a flexible mix of conventional and renewable energy sources.

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Renewable Energy Solutions
Renewable Energy

Driving amplification of India's green energy capacity through our extensive solar energy, offshore wind, onshore wind, and hydropower solutions while ensuring their effective integration in the grid for a carbon-neutral future.

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Industrial Energy Management Services
Industrial Energy Management

Improving efficiency, agility, and asset management for energy-intensive industries such as cement and glass, chemical and petrochemical, hydrogen, metals, mining and minerals, and oil and gas through digitally robust industrial energy management services.

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Evolving Energy System
Power Quality

Offering a wide portfolio of products, systems, and solutions as well as maintenance and consulting services to support utilities, industries, and transportation operators enhance the power quality of electrical networks.

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Leadership Thought

Venu Nuguri - Managing Director and CEO, India and South Asia, Hitachi Energy

At Hitachi Energy India, together with our customers and partners, we navigate the ever-evolving energy landscape to thrive in a new, digital world. In the transition towards a green energy future, our digital and green technologies are electrifying industries to help build a robust India, where a sustainable energy future for all is the norm.

Venu Nuguri Managing Director and CEO, India and South Asia, Hitachi Energy

Case Studies – Pioneering Energy Solutions for a Rising India

Smart Grid Solutions

Raigarh – Pugalur UHVDC Link- Bidirectional Link with Robust Flexibility

The Raigarh-Pugalur Ultra-High Voltage Direct Current (UHVDC Link) is Hitachi Energy’s one of the most ambitious energy projects that delivers clean electricity generated by wind turbines to more than 80 million people. The bi-directional link will transmit 6000 MW of reliable power over 1800 kms, between Raigarh in Central India and Pugalur in the southern state of Tamil Nadu.

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Energy Management Solutions

North East-Agra UHVDC Link- World’s First Multi-Terminal UHVDC Transmission Link

The North-East Agra Ultra-High Voltage Direct Current (UHVDC) Link is India’s first UHVDC project that connects hydropower-rich North-East with the central part of North India, covering a distance of 1,728 km, with the capability to deliver clean electricity to 90 million people. The link is also among the world’s largest high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission projects.

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Reliable Power Grid Solutions

1,000 MW Power to Mumbai- Ensuring Reliable Power Supply

Hitachi Energy provides a high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission system to deliver power to Mumbai, one of the most populated cities of the world. The new HVDC link will supply up to 1,000 MW of electricity, bringing almost 50 percent more power to the metropolis and benefitting 20 million people in India.

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Carbon-Neutral Energy Generation

Upgraded Rihand-Dadri HVDC Link- India’s First Commercial Long-Distance Link

Hitachi Energy upgraded Rihand Dadri HVDC link, the first commercial long-distance HVDC link in India. This is the first project in India to use MACH hybrid system which is the state-of-the-art advanced technology for Control and Protection developed by Hitachi Energy for HVDC systems.

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