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Social Innovation

Green Power For All

Advancing the future of energy with green and digital
technologies to develop India’s robust carbon-neutral energy

Fighting Challenges

  • Dependence on fossil fuels
  • Relenless power demand
  • Overloaded transmission lines
  • Growing carbon emissions
  • Power outages
  • Unstable transmission grid
  • Threat of cyber attacks

Hitachi’s Green Solutions

Discover the transformations taking place in the Energy sector and Hitachi India's pioneering role in powering the nation's clean energy future.

Peek Into Hitachi's Energy Portfolio

Big Data Analytics
Big Data

Leveraging big data analytics to ensure Power for all through reduced electricity tariffs & uninterrupted power.

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Hitachi HVDC Solutions

Using High-Voltage Direct Current (HVDC), the key enabler for a carbon-neutral energy system for wide-area interconnection and long-distance power transmission.

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Clean and Renewable Solar Power

Providing clean and renewable solar power to millions of households and industries through state-of-the-art solar inverters

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High-Tech Grid Transformer Solutions

Delivering revolutionary high-voltage components, grid automation, grid integration, and high-tech transformer solutions.

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Sustainable Power Solutions

Developing efficient transmission networks to strengthen India’s power system, thereby helping the nation to achieve its objective in line with “Power for All” vision.

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Renewable Energy Solutions

Leveraging digital technologies and advanced analytics to decipher weather forecast data for energy production.

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Green Hydrogen Solutions
Green Hydrogen

Enhancing India’s energy security with clean and green hydrogen via AI, IoT, and Lumada to usher in social innovation.

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Sustainable Energy Solutions

Strengthening India’s Energy Sector

Sustainable Energy
Solutions by Hitachi India

Eco Friendly Energy Solutions

Strengthening India’s Energy Sector

Powering Green Energy Revolution:

Strengthening India’s
Renewable Energy Sector

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