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Social Innovation

Hitachi is aligned to India's sustainability solutions

One of the largest and the fastest emerging economies in the world, India has significantly contributed to Sustainable Development Goals globally. Echoing the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India's vision of inclusive growth and development reaching to the weakest sections of the society, all the recent government of India policies are dedicatedly working towards the nation's long-term growth.

Taking cognizance of the role of technology in realizing the objective, Digital India and e-Governance have become the prime drivers to nation's development by promoting transparency, accessibility and accountability in the system. This rapid make-over is positively impacting day-to-day life of the citizens. Recognized as a global leader in advanced IT and OT, Hitachi is fully supporting government's digitalization initiatives and its contribution towards Sustainable Development Goals. Hitachi is helping Indian customers embrace the new era of agility and smarter working.

India's Sustainability Solutions

While digitalization is accelerating optimization of resources and thus aiding in their conservation, innovative solutions and green energy technologies for power generation and distribution are essential to sustainable development in India.

This is an irrefutable fact considering that as an individual or as a society we are heavily dependent on electric power to finish our daily chores to business commitments. The government's 'Power for All' initiative is a step towards ensuring that all citizens of the country get power in their homes and workplaces. Meeting this enormous demand with the already escalating consumption that is a natural consequence to rapid urbanization and industrialization is a tall order.

Here again, the government's recent policies and initiatives are clear on achieving growth through minimum impact on environment. Aiming towards a healthier society the policy makers are promoting recyclable energy like solar power that is a natural preferred choice considering its availability in abundance with nearly 300 sunny days in India.

Hitachi is supporting this vision of green energy through its advanced Solar Inverters with high conversion ratio. These highly durable inverters are efficiently bridging the technological gap of converting the photovoltaic DC to AC. Thereby, making its distribution viable through the national grid and consumed at the end point. In distribution, Hitachi's advanced Amorphous Coils and Core are significantly enhancing efficiency of transformers by minimizing transmission loss. Thus, conserving resources by facilitating increase in distribution of power to more consumers without expanding production.

Sustainable Development Environment

For a sustainable development environment India also needs to build better and smarter to meet the spiraling demand for all-round improved infrastructure. Hitachi's advanced construction machineries are helping its clients meet the critical deadlines through their durability, state-of-the-art features and high fuel efficiency that support low carbon emission.

For over half a century, Hitachi has collaborated in India's evolution as a world economic power and will continue to do so by working in tandem with the policy makers as well as at the grass root level. Contributing through its over hundred years of integrated global experience in IT and OT, Big Data analytics and highly recognized production capabilities Hitachi is bringing Social Innovation in India's critical sectors that are important to achieve country's vision of sustainable development and growth through simple, environment friendly yet advanced technologies that create long-term solutions for generations to come.