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Social Innovation

When Yash returned from boarding school during summer break, he saw a hoarding in his home town Bhubaneshwar saying 'Welcome to the Smart City'. He was confused how the city had suddenly become 'smart' while he was away for one semester, so his father explained to him how physical, social and economic infrastructure was being enhanced through technology to make some cities smarter. Yash was really excited to hear this. Despite seeing fictional future cities in Sci-fi movies for many years, he had never imagined that they would become his own reality someday.

Till a few years ago, street lights turning on according to movement of people, cars running without drivers, robots fixing up cracks in utility pipes, and automatic bricks-layers constructing without human supervision seemed like proverbial flights of fantasy, but not anymore. Thanks to the Internet of Things and smart city technology, time has come for Yash and the residents of more than 100 Indian cities to finally live in spaces that the science fiction created.

Smart City Solutions India

As people gear up to become smart city dwellers, each one of them pictures a Smart City with the infrastructure and services that best describe their personal levels of aspiration. For some, it means efficient public transport and strong IT connectivity, while for others it means better health and security. Considering this disparity of preferences, the process of creating smart cities gets even more challenging. As a solution to this, Hitachi has used its core IoT platform Lumada to create a wide array of solutions to cater to the diverse preferences of India.

It has brought in Smart City solutions in several spaces like telecommunication, energy generation, healthcare, IT operations, construction, infrastructure and transportation. Moreover, it has come up with a host of smart city solutions for Indian cities. Solutions like smart metering, active waste management, smart parking and various other sensor technology-enabled products. It has already begun work on the desalination plants in Chennai and Delhi-Mumbai corridor, and is also working on creating low carbon, environment-friendly infrastructure in Gujarat.

Hitachi has also introduced a video analytics system which combines computer vision and advanced analytics to extract rich insights and generate real-time alerts for cities, airports, campuses and other businesses. This technology supports operational intelligence by helping with queue detection, activity analysis, directional counting and image enhancement. It also fosters smarter transportation through traffic management, and offers effective solutions for public safety through intrusion detection, facial recognition and camera tampering alerts, helping people stay safe.

As one of the few global companies specializing in both OT and IT, Hitachi is uniquely poised to drive urban development through the Internet of Things and smart city programs. With Social Innovation as its driving force, Hitachi brings together its collective expertise and services, real-world solutions and advanced technology to make this world a better place to live in for many like Yash & family across the length and breadth of India.