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Social Innovation

After working hard the entire day, the very thought of going back to a dark or vacant house and doing your daily chores can be really exhausting. Thanks to the Home Automation technology, you can now transform your place into a warm & welcoming abode ready to pamper you, just with a single touch!

Imagine a life where your window blinds automatically rise at a fixed hour each morning to wake you... your preferred TV channel switches on itself as you bask under the & lights operate themselves as you move about the house...and the front door locks itself when you leave for work. As you return in the evening all tired and with a bagful of groceries, the door opens on its own to welcome you...the air conditioner cools your living room even before you get in...the shower streams water at your preferred temperature...and your oven suggests delectable menu options for dinner! Sounds like ultimate luxury, right? But control and convenience isn't just about luxury.

Every time we leave our homes, we often have stressful afterthoughts that instantly drive us into fits of frenzy. Did I turn the gas off? Is the geyser still running? Not anymore. The brilliance of this Social Innovation enables you to switch off your geyser while sitting in the confines of your office space and manage all your appliances from any distant place!

Working way beyond appliance management, home automation technology offers valuable assistance in looking out for your loved ones - especially when you can't be physically present with them. Wi-Fienabled cameras with motion sensors act as reasonable alternatives to the 24/7 monitored security systems. Features like two-way communication cameras and voice activated alerts help children and elderly people lead more secure lives, keeping your worries at bay.

Smart Home Automation Solutions

When you opt for a Smart Home, you can be rest assured that your money spent is your money saved. Considering the fat utility bills we shell out every month, we can make a one-time investment in smart home automation solutions and reduce those heavy payments forever. For instance, a combination of dimmers, sensors & Wi-Fi enabled light scan maximise the energy efficiency in lighting devices, and smart sprinklers & water heater module scan facilitate water conservation. Moreover, smart sensors can also detect water leaks, gas leaks, fluctuating heat levels etc. preventing sudden mishaps and unforeseen expenditure.

Smart Homes have truly emerged as a popular consumer trend today, and keeping up with this drift, Hitachi is leveraging its IoT based technology to connect your home's electrical devices to a common network, enabling them to complete their tasks without any user input. All you need to do is give your command - and your home will instantly take care of your needs - all day, every day! The uptake of Smart Homes is increasing by 15-18% in tier 1 cities and 5-10% in tier 2 & 3 cities. Looking at this statistic, it's pretty evident that India is sailing high on the wave of this remarkable Social Innovation, home automation solutions and Smart Homes are bound to become the default choice for home buyers in very near future.