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Engendering A Green Urban Future – The Path to Sustainability

Green Mobility Solutions Sustainable Development Initiatives
India's urban population is escalating at a much faster rate, with India's urban population expected to increase from 377 million in 2011 to 594 million in 2036 – a growth of 57% and rural population to decline from 69% to 61%.1 This rapid surge in the urban populace is stretching the existing resources and infrastructure immeasurably.

Hitachi India, with its proven capabilities as a multidisciplinary OT x IT solution provider is collaborating with the Government to meet the rising energy and infrastructure demands by adopting the most resource conserving and environmentally sustainable technologies. Hitachi group's thrust on delivering solutions that amalgamate its Green Technologies, Digital Technologies, and Innovation prowess is helping the nation stay on course to achieve its Sustainable Development Goals while attaining its vision of Smart Cities that grow and meet their needs while reducing their carbon footprint substantially.

What keeps the transformation progressing

Sustainable Transportation Solutions
India's vehicles contribute about 305.3 MtCO2e – a 0.64% of total carbon emission.2
10.5 million new cars will be added on Indian streets every year by 2030, tripling the current annual vehicular sales.3

Paving the way for Green Mobility

The accessibility of electrified and integrated public transportation systems for the expanding urban landscape is crucial for India to shift from its excessive reliance on fossil-based vehicles that are significant contributors to carbon emissions. With over 3/4th of the country's transportation still being fossil fuel dependent4 Hitachi Energy is facilitating the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) as well as invigorating the metro rail networks. Consequently, assuring a clean and sustainable mass transportation system that will also contribute to decongestion of cities and deplete vehicular greenhouse emissions.

Hitachi India is also collaborating to realize the government's goal of 100% electrification of Indian Railways by 20235 by introducing highly efficient modern converters and transformers to electric locomotives.

A testament of its collaborative co-creation prowess, the group is facilitating adoption of electric bus transportation systems supported by pioneering rapid charging stations.

Cohesively placed, these solutions are emerging as the cornerstone of a safer, smarter, convenient, and climate-resilient transportation systems that will lead India to a greener future.

Enhancing Efficiency of Energy Distribution

The prevalent energy mix of India is still heavily reliant on non-renewable energy sources with fossil fuels accounting for 59.8% of the total power share. Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and Nuclear taking up the remaining share of 38.5% and 1.7% respectively.6

This emphasizes the pivotal need to shift India's energy reliance more towards RES and other non-renewable power generation sources. Hitachi Energy is employing its digital distribution technology solutions to amplify and strengthen India's renewable energy infrastructure. Achieving a milestone in power transmission projects, Hitachi Energy in partnership with Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd., a Government of India Enterprise, delivered India's first Ultra-High Voltage Direct Current (UHVDC) project ±800 KV North-East-Agra transmission link that connects hydropower-rich North-East with the central part of North India, covering a distance of 1,728 km. With this installation, India has become the world's first country to come up with a multi-terminal, UHVDC transmission link, which is also among the world's largest High Voltage Direct Current transmission projects. This will assist to propel an expeditious and seamless transition towards greener energy, strengthening the nation's commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2070.

Strengthening & Expanding India's Urban Gas Infrastructure

The current projection indicates a deluge of an estimated 416 million people expecting to inflate the urban population by 20507 . This translates to a massive load on already stretched urban gas distribution networks to meet the rising demands. Natural Gas being the least polluting of the existing biofuel alternates8, its optimal distribution through capacity building of service providers is critical to curtail catastrophic levels of carbon emissions.

By delivering innovative ICT based physically and digitally integrated distribution solutions, Hitachi India through Hitachi India Pvt. Ltd. Infrastructure System Division is optimizing capability and capacity of India's leading gas-distribution service providers. Leveraging its operations automation expertise, Hitachi installed its core OT technology HIACS-AZ SCADA sensors and HIACS-AZ SCADA systems at Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL) sites spread across the NCR, thus enabling remote control of the entire CGD network and safe and reliable Pipe Natural Gas (PNG) operation. For IT & telemetry part, the team used proven IT hardware and Dual SIM GPRS Communication technique for communication between field and command control center. The successful digital transformation of operations ensured that the CGD network becomes safer and more responsive to deliver clean and green fuel to citizens, thus improving their Quality of Life and building a sustainable society. By modernizing the urban gas distribution infrastructure through transformative automation solutions, Hitachi is resolving challenges encountered by customers and consumers to deliver and access low-polluting fuel for their day-to-day living. In the process, Hitachi India is significantly contributing towards India's vision of achieving decarbonizing urban areas.

Jal Jeevan Mission (Urban): Paving the Path for Water Sustainability

Wastewater Management Solutions
Aims to Supply Potable Water to 2.86 crore households by 2024.8
Augment Raw
Water Sources.
in Water

Hitachi's Innovative Water Solutions: Augmenting Urban Water Resilience

Realizing the Government's vision to provide clean supplied drinking water to every citizen, Hitachi's widely recognized Intelligent Water Solutions and Water Environment Solutions are demonstrating innovative blend of OT x IT to magnify availability of potable water to every citizen, optimizing the supply, management, and control for streamlined distribution and conservation of this scarce natural resource by minimizing distribution loss. Thus, supporting in alleviating water stress levels of the cities and enhancing their green quotient in a sustainable way.

Pioneering Alternative Energy Infrastructure through ICT

Both developed and emerging economies require safe and efficient management of their electric power infrastructures to effectively meet the workforce and industry demands.

Hitachi delivers innovative solutions to enhance and assist the value of power systems to users through utilizing ICT-based strategies. From constantly identifying and resolving workplace challenges to helping businesses improve their operations, Hitachi is employing ICT to maximize and optimize the proper handling and management of large-scale industrial maneuvers. Industries are the bedrock of urban cities and Hitachi is ensuring to safeguard and strengthen the industrial infrastructure.

By delivering ecologically and operationally sustainable solutions in the vital areas of Mobility, Energy Distribution, Renewable Energy, Construction, Water and Transit solutions, Hitachi India is taking the nation's cities and thereby the country as a whole towards an assured path of green future.

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