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Social Innovation

Bringing Transformation through Innovative Green and Digital Solutions

Innovative Green and Digital Solutions Digital Transformation in India

Every era in human history is defined by its own unique set of challenges that the society faces, pushing human ingenuity to overcome those unsurmountable situations innovatively. The recent unprecedented global calamity owing to the pandemic, rising concerns over global warming, and its grave consequences are foreseeing increasing synergy between thinkers and doers, physical and digital technologies to create a sustainable and prosperous future.

India, a nation that is not only reckoned globally for its rich diversity but, digitally empowered rapidly growing industrial and economic capabilities as well, is equally committed towards its pledge to achieve net zero emission by 2070.1

With more than nine decades of strong technology and transformation partner, Hitachi has persistently endeavored to contribute towards the country's sustainable growth, while balancing the equities between society, businesses, and the environment. Demonstrating the experience, expertise, and infrastructural resourcefulness, Hitachi is pursuing social innovation goals alongside Digital transformation (DX) through its well-regarded proficiency in Green Technologies (GX), digital technologies and Innovation.

The indispensability of coalescing GX and DX

The present business landscape emphasizes the need to integrate green and environmentally sustainable, digital solutions for an enhanced efficacy. While digital transformation has become an ubiquitous necessity for businesses, its coalescence with green technologies is setting them firmly on the path of sustainability. Hitachi India's extraordinary array of ICT, AI, IoT enabled solutions in the vital areas of Education, Healthcare, Governance, Agriculture, Energy, Mobility, Payments, Manufacturing, and Construction are bringing a sweeping change in the operative efficiency of the Government, Enterprises and Society by optimizing resources and increasing productivity. Delivered through a powerful digital platform, Hitachi solutions are aligned to customers' and society's thriving future.

Hitachi's Lumada, a unique IoT and AI powered platform that when combined with the group's massive OT x IT capabilities can accelerate digital innovation and provide service of even greater value comprehensively.

LUMADA: A Unifying Interface for Knowledge, Technology & Transformation

Lumada – developed from the confluence of "illuminate" and "data", encapsulates Hitachi's goal of simplifying customers' data to gather new insights for efficacious business exchange. In other words, Lumada is a converging ecosystem where different stakeholders come together to create extraordinary value. Endowed with AI and IoT, Lumada is aimed to ensure seamless coordination and communication amongst businesses, organizations, and customers.

Lumada's blueprint for streamlined navigation and communication between all partners

By connecting users, businesses, and other partners across industries through virtual or in real life settings.

Through assorting, synthesizing, and consolidating their knowledge and visions to create value.

Hitachi's Input – To facilitate co-creation, provide assistance to R&D and Manufacturing, and business groups.

Businesses Involved – Investigative Organizations, Education Institutes, Technology & Solution providers, and Innovation partners.

Advancing closer to its carbon neutrality commitment, Hitachi is combining its experience and expertise in IT, energy, and mobility to evolve through digital and green solutions. It does that by connecting large products to a network for data-analysis to expedite operations using its OT x IT proficiency. From EV charging infrastructure to varied industry specific maneuvers, Lumada is bringing sustainability to the equation.

As India advances towards its vision of carbon neutrality through promoting a gas-based economy and Hydrogen Mission, maintenance in addition to efficiency and supplier management acquires a prominent role in the areas of energy and mobility. The robust Lumada platform will bring synergy to the nation's efforts multifariously.

The Future is Hydrogen

Hydrogen production will greatly enhance the energy security of India, which imports 85% of its oil and 53% of gas requirements2

Under the scheme the Government is open to companies setting up renewable energy capacity anywhere by themselves or through a developer2

Hydrogen can be utilized for both fuel cell and internal combustion engines2

It is likewise being utilized for applications in areas like chemicals, iron, steel, transport, heating, and power2

Skillfully applying AI and IoT, Lumada is helping to bring social innovation through Hitachi cosmically recognized DX & GX. By co-creating with users, Lumada enables the creation of new businesses utilizing large datasets. Harnessing Hitachi's industry-specific processes and customer-centric business strategies, Lumada is providing one step digital solutions for the entire lifecycle of the product. Applying modern technology to solve both real world and virtual problems is a key transformation brought on by Lumada. Through the convergence of interconnected solutions and technological advancements conjoined with data virtuosity, Lumada by facilitating the conjunction of Green and Digital Technologies will help reduce the nation's carbon footprint while simultaneously improving efficiency to make way for the future of society's sustainability, enhanced values, and improved Quality of Life.

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