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Transforming the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Landscape

Transforming Pharmaceutical in India Transforming Healthcare Solutions

The need for digital introspection

Botox, the wonder drug is a neurotoxic protein produced during the reproduction process of the bacterium Clostridium botulinum and its related species (1). Widely used for myriad medical and cosmetic applications, Botox has impacted millions of lives and as an industry has witnessed rapid growth since its invention. Valued at 4550 million US$ in 2018, its market is expected to touch 10400 million US$ by the end of 2025 (2).

In such an aggressive market, customers with a massive global presence have to continuously seek ways to minimise their carbon footprint and cost while efficiently engaging with a massive network of suppliers and dealers to deliver the product to the Health service provider or the beneficiary. Recognizing the growing stress emanating from steadily escalating demand, cutting-edge Order Management System (OMS) to meet the customer's demand more proactively and economically is the need of the hour.

The OT (Operational Technology) X IT metamorphosis

The unique solution approach of collaborative creation by Hitachi has helped its wide array of customers to smoothly cross-over from their legacy architecture into customized robust processes.

Hitachi identified the opportunity by deeply understanding the business, existing business processes supporting the vast operations, their limitations and the future requisites of the company to meet the exponentially rising demand globally.

Leveraging Hitachi's advanced OT (Operational Technology) X IT solutions and a rich precedence of digital transformation, Hitachi is enabling its customer to not only optimize the current infrastructure footprint, but also move towards a complete cloud based digital entity in the pharma space. Hitachi Consulting Software Services India Pvt. Ltd. a Hitachi Group Company partnered this transformational journey of integration of the ITSM framework and focused major incident management. This propelled Hitachi to venture into technology areas beyond the group's existing portfolio and build capabilities in the relevant areas within a very short time frame.

Subsequent to intensive workshops with stakeholders, Hitachi mapped each process to its standard Fusion methodology and formulated a solution structure based on Cloud 1st strategy that could provide a value addition to the customer in terms of cost benefits and business outcomes. The exercise helped Hitachi leverage its advanced OT (Operational Technology) X IT proficiency in connected intelligence along with an extensive partner ecosystem to create a high-calibre digital solution.

The breadth of technology and business processes amalgamation for its customer has been the first of its kind for Hitachi Consulting where the company apart from maintaining the entire data centre operations has been closely involved in the cloud based digital transformation journey of the enterprise.

To overcome challenges from solution blueprint to deployment that involved execution of varied tasks, Hitachi adopted a synergistic approach to lead the project to success and deliver value through Technology-led and process driven innovation. By ensuring timely supply of life critical medicines at affordable costs, the solution is playing a salient role in improving the life of customers.

Digital Transformation in Healthcare

The digital advantage

Hitachi's comprehensive end-to-end digital transformation has demonstrated clear outcomes resulting in year on year cost benefits and business outcomes through –

  • Round-the-clock support through Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) based Service Operations Centre and Network Operations Centre
  • Interminable coverage of this complex infrastructure, critical to ensuring smooth business functionality
  • Auguring enterprise efficiency perceptibly by supporting multiple technology functions like Servers, Network, Cloud Technology, Microsoft Collaboration Suite, Monitoring and Applications.

Empowering customers, empowering the society

With affordable treatment for all, reduction in carbon footprint and aiding medicinal quality research of Botox for various health problems, Hitachi's solution has fostered a homogenous service model that is making a progressive effort towards building a sustainable society through continued focus on improving overall health and improving quality of life.

The solution has emerged as a critical success factors for the customer to realize its vision towards providing affordable treatments to patients across the world on time. Thereby augmenting the social values by ensuring round the clock availability of the customer's systems and a smooth functioning supply chain. By driving the transformation towards Cloud, Hitachi is significantly reducing the carbon footprint by decreasing customer's multiple datacenters. The resultant reduction in the operating costs is making a huge contribution towards its economic goals.

Thus, the convergence of OT (Operational Technology) X IT by Hitachi persists in helping the customer efficiently meet its vision of providing economical and efficient Healthcare solutions by fully supporting Healthcare professionals deliver better services and enhance the Quality of Life of millions of people around the world through timely resolution of their health issues.


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