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Redefining Data Centres to Connect Humans with Humans

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With a rapidly expanding population, surging internet penetration, and an insatiable need for digital services, the data explosion in India is reaching unparalleled heights. Besides ensuring secure and efficient data management, the growth of data centres is all set to play a pivotal role in connecting humans with humans. By laying the foundation for seamless connectivity, professionals, family members, and citizens in general will now be able to transcend geographical barriers and communicate virtually in real-time anytime, anywhere.

Explore as we uncover India’s data revolution and Hitachi Systems India’s pioneering role in empowering organizations and propelling India into a sustainable and future-proof digital era.

Empowering India's Digital Future with Data Centre Solutions

Data Explosion and Data Centres

Data Explosion

  • India accounts for 14% of the world’s mobile subscriptions, 15% of the total mobile data traffic1
  • 19.5 GB - Average data consumption per user in 20222
  • 14.4 Exabytes - Mobile data usage per month in 20222
  • $ 1 trillion by 2025- Estimated size of India's digital economy by 20253

Data Centre Growth

  • 138 - Number of data centres in India presently spanning ~11 million sq ft, 737 MW of IT capacity1
  • India's position in the Global Data Centre Market - 13th largest4
  • 45 data centres spanning ~13 million sq ft and 1,015 MW of IT capacity – New capacity addition in India by 2025-end1
  • 1,700-1,800-megawatt (MW) capacity by FY 2025; ~870 MW in FY 20215
  • Rs. 1.05 to 1.20 lakh crore- Investments in pipeline for data centre expansion in India6

Growth Drivers

  • Government Digitization Initiatives

    Digital India | E-governance | Aadhaar

  • IoT and Connected Devices

    In sectors like Smart/Safe Cities, Healthcare, Agriculture and Manufacturing

  • Increasing Internet Penetration

    700 million internet subscribers3

  • Digital Services and E-commerce Boom

    Social Media | Gaming | Online shopping | Food delivery | Ride-hailing | OTT

  • Data Localization

    Government of India’s thrust to protect the personal and financial information of citizens from foreign surveillance

Hitachi Systems India: Empowering Data Centre Capabilities for a Future-Proof IT Landscape

Hitachi Systems India enables organizations to harness the power of exponential data growth and addresses the need for data localization with its cutting-edge Data Centre capabilities.


End-to-End Data Centre Capabilities

  • Design Consulting
  • Data Centre Build
  • Workload Optimization
  • Data Centre modernization
  • Data Centre Managed Services

Data Centre Consulting Services

  • Workload Assessment
  • Infra Optimization and Consolidation
  • Data Centre Infra Audit (Server, Network, and Storage etc.)
  • Network Optimization & Revamp

Professional Services

  • Orchestration and Automation
  • Design and Implementation Services
  • Sustenance (On Premise, Off Premise & Hybrid)
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Our Success Story- Empowering a Prominent Telecommunications and Network Infrastructure Company in India *

* We have signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with this company to maintain confidentiality and protect sensitive project information

About the Client
Outlining the Project

About the Client

A prominent telecommunications company with a notable presence in India. This company is renowned for its focus on enhancing connectivity and providing top-notch internet services to various regions across the country.

Outlining the Project

Scalable + Secure + Reliable Data Centre solutions to meet the demands of Growing Businesses and Applications + Government Organizations + Primary Stakeholders


  • Cloud services with efficient Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Open-source platform adoption
  • Workload migration from existing Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) cloud platform to new cloud platform (Open Source)
  • Complex Manageability

Empowering Solutions by Hitachi Systems India

  • Open-Source Private Cloud Platform
  • Private Cloud Deployment on Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI)
  • Redundancy and Recovery in Data Centres
  • Migration of Virtual Machines from Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) to Open Source
  • Virtual Machine Replication from Primary Domain Controller (DC) to Secondary DC and vice versa
  • Planning Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity for Virtual Machines

Benefits for the Client

  • Open-Source Cloud Software for technology agility, freedom to create own applications and extensions, business scalability
  • Future ready for integration with Containerization platform
  • Cloud management portal to deliver multiple Information as a Service (IaaS) cloud services, thus improved customer experience
  • Private Cloud Deployment on existing Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI)

Hitachi Systems Data Centre Solutions: Aligning Green, Digital, and Innovation Aspects

  • Driving Digital Transformation with always-on, highly available infrastructure
  • Enhancing Energy Efficiency through sustainable IT infrastructure
  • Catalyzing Innovation with deployment of latest technologies
  • Empowering India’s digital growth, Connecting Humans with Humans with seamless connectivity