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Boosting Healthcare Digitally Boosting Healthcare Digitally


The rapid digitalization of the country has emerged as an enabler for various sectors to adopt newage digital technologies like digital healthcare and accelerate their transformation. With government's thrust towards Industry 4.0 and a vision to build a citizen-centered Society 5.0, IoT and AI enabled solutions are gaining momentum to help critical sectors like Healthcare to suitably meet the mounting new challenges in the society.

Growing incidences of lifestyle diseases, rising demand for affordable healthcare solutions in India, and better patient lifecycle that aims for faster resolution, necessitate new technological interventions. For the government, too, a healthy society is an area of attention.

Hitachi, a leading partner to India's digital journey, is fully equipped to bring the necessary end-to-end IT X OT (Operational Technology) enabled new age technologies and expertise in India's Healthcare spectrum. With the cutting edge IoT and AI-enabled digital healthcare solutions, Hitachiis gearing the healthcare industry for necessary augmentation to address its traditional challenges and resolve those that have no precedence.

Data Visualization for Smart Diagnosis

The spurt in IoT and AI-enabled devices and growing Data Analytics capability have combined to deliver more in-depth patient insight to Healthcare providers with access to all data sources, including the big and the unstructured data.

The IoT and AI enabled comprehensive Advanced Analytics Solutions are revolutionizing digital patient care and critical hospital applications.

The advanced Digital Technologies are capable of efficiently integrating diverse data sources like unstructured clinical notes into standardized patient data. These combined with vital data from IoT and AI embedded diagnostic systems and machines (like Ultrasound and Computed Tomography) contribute to a complete “single-view” of patient's health history. Custom dashboards and data visualization facilitate immediate access to all records meeting “meaningful use” for data-driven decision-making criteria.

This helps doctors to rapidly access their patients' electronic health records, allowing more time for quality consultations, improved access to test results and smart diagnosis and care.

By leveraging state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and data analytics, Healthcare is making the required transition from deductive to Preventive and Predictive Healthcare (PPH) that contributes to identifying Right Patient, Right Information at the Right Time and Place.

Data Visualization for Smart Diagnosis

Such, digital healthcare solutions enable a seamless patient journey using clinical, biomedical, telemetry, and environmental data to enable cost-effective value-based healthcare. At the heart of this approach is a business intelligence solution that delivers secure, pseudonymized patient data, analyzed with purpose-built health informatics applications to support informed clinical decisions. A master patient index links data relating to multiple care settings provides a complete view of connected events in the patient's care history within a single environment and user-interface.

With IoT and AI integration, the patients who may be at risk for hospitalization or developing acute events, once identified, are proactively engaged by the system to initiate positive behavioral changes, commence better management of their health, and appropriate preventive strategies. Therefore, by harmonizing predictive modeling with early diagnosis of the risk, PPH helps healthcare professionals deliver a better outcome to the patient.

Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Optimizing Healthcare Through Predictive Maintenance

Recognized as a global innovation leader in industrial and information technology solutions and an early pioneer of IoT, Hitachi is redefining the future of healthcare by significantly contributing to essential Operational technologies and Predictive Maintenancesolutions.

Predictive Maintenance helps healthcare professionals evaluate assets, diagnose or predict problems through advanced analytics, and take timely decisions for maintenance or other appropriate actions. The sustainable and repeatable maintenance solutions optimize asset lifecycle contributing to consistent service to patients and a reduction in expenses. Consequently, assists in keeping the cost affordable and competitive.

To ensure a superior patient lifecycle, Hitachi understands the importance of an effective and efficient maintenance system of critical diagnostic equipment like Ultrasound, MRI, CT machine amongst others.(1) (2) (3)

Optimizing Healthcare Through Predictive Maintenance

Accurate Imaging, Efficient Therapy

State-of-The-Art imaging and diagnostic systems are imperative to accurate and timely diagnosis. Committed to building a robust healthcare system that benefits the society Hitachi's advanced IoT and AI enabled ultrasound machines, MRI, CT, and X-Ray systems deliver diagnostic confidence and accentuate workflow efficiency. Its profoundly revolutionary Particle Beam Therapy System is acknowledged to be one of the most advanced forms of cancer therapy available. The products known for their high efficiency and low power consumption are a preferred choice for many worldclass healthcare facilities.

Today, more than ever, Healthcare Industry needs comprehensive digital interventions to offer sustainable solutions to the patients. The integrated IoT and AI-enabled solutions by Hitachi are a testimony to the group's commitment to bring a perceptible change in the Quality of Life of people. The innovative new-agedigital technologies are establishing a future of work in healthcare industry in India that is greatly benefiting society through a more efficient and satisfying patient journey. Augmenting this vision, the immense data-analytics capability of Hitachi's PPH system helps initiate large-scale preventive and predictive measures while helping the customers optimize their operations for improved patient experience - A Social Innovation in Healthcare enriching millions of lives, every day.