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Tracks of Progress & Sustainability: Unveiling India’s First Underwater Metro

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Playing an instrumental role in this milestone achievement, Hitachi Rail STS India collaborated with Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation (KMRC) and delivered a robust signalling and telecom system for India’s first underwater metro, gliding under the Hugli River!
Kolkata has achieved a historical landmark. India’s first Metro was commissioned in this historical city in 1984.1 Now, the city is achieving a groundbreaking milestone by introducing the nation’s first-ever underwater metro2 – Kolkata East-West Metro.

Hitachi Rail’s Pioneering Solutions for Kolkata Metro:

CBTC (Communication-Based Train Control) Solution
Telecom Solution

CBTC (Communication-Based Train Control) Solution

  • Wireless Communication

    CBTC system relies on wireless communication, reducing failures due to cable shorting and tampering, ensuring maximum uptime for train operation.

  • Security and Safety

    Provides multiple levels of security by controlling and monitoring systems such as tunnel ventilation, platform screen doors, building management, and fire protection, enhancing safety in case of incidents.

  • Redundancy

    Hitachi Rail STS India designed the system to withstand single-point failures, ensuring uninterrupted day-to-day operation of the metro, a critical public commodity.

  • Semi-Automatic Train Operations

    Hitachi’s solution enables the metro to operate at Grade of Automation GoA Level 2 (Degree of automation where GoA 0 is no automation and GoA is fully automated). Here, driver intervention is only required to start the train from any station.

  • TETRA Network Coverage

    The Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) network covers the entire tunnel length, ensuring independent communication for smooth operations, regardless of external agencies.

Telecom Solution

  • Comprehensive Telecom Systems

    Hitachi Rail STS India delivered 11 telecom systems, covering CCTV, access control, passenger information display, and passenger announcement, enhancing operational efficiency and convenience for both operators and commuters.

  • CCTV Coverage

    Ensures surveillance throughout the metro route, enhancing security and providing real-time monitoring for incident response.

  • Access Control

    Facilitates controlled access to metro facilities, contributing to safety and preventing unauthorized entry.

  • Passenger Information Display System

    Keeps commuters informed about schedules, routes, and important announcements, improving the overall passenger experience.

  • Passenger Announcement System

    Enables timely and clear communication with passengers, enhancing safety protocols and providing essential information during emergencies.

By leveraging its Digital Technologies, Green Technologies, and Innovation capabilities, Hitachi is powering good by ushering seamless commutes that not only elevate the passenger experience but protect the planetary boundaries for a sustainable future.

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