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Social Innovation

Intelligent Automation: Building New India, from Collaboration to Innovation

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Acclimatizing to new technological changes and constant progression is the only way to stay ahead. The new generation of Intelligent Automation (IA) capabilities- a fusion of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies - is revolutionizing ways and means of executing work across industry verticals.

Robotics combined with Artificial Intelligence capabilities such as Machine Learning (ML), Sensors, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Speech Recognition, Smart Analytics, and Computer Vision are ushering in simplified operations, automation of menial tasks, real-time data-driven insights, and unprecedented output and efficiency in public and private sector.

The use of software bots with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities curtail labour-intensive and repetitive processes, thus bridging the gap between a conventional and an intelligent enterprise. Enterprises are augmenting automation across both transactional and judgement-intensive activities through IA.

Meanwhile, the challenge of analyzing ginormous amount of structured and unstructured data, shortage of labor, unprecedented crisis such as Covid-19, need for quick decision making, and the race for competitive superiority are pushing businesses to invest in automation.

Economic giant like India, too aspires to adopt Intelligent Automation to meet the increasing pressure on its transport infrastructure, speed up manufacturing growth, overhaul the construction sector, and drive citizen-centric reforms across all sectors.

Hitachi, with proven expertise in Operational Technology (OT) X IT, is enabling the Government and businesses ride the Intelligent Automation wave and automate their processes and workflows to set benchmarks in efficiency, quality, and speed.

Revolutionizing Industries & Processes

IA Focus Areas Across Sectors

Industries like construction machinery, telecom, oil and gas, healthcare, logistics and banking, accredit Intelligent Automation for reduced paperwork, increased efficiency and enriched customer experiences. From use of automated hiring tools by Human Resources department, chatbots for customer support on e-commerce platforms, workflow automation software in financial institutions to autonomous tractors in agriculture and automated production lines in manufacturing sector, Intelligent Automation has already penetrated every sector in India and is expanding at a rapid rate.

Embracing Automation in Construction & Manufacturing

Intelligent Automation holds enormous scope in the construction and manufacturing industry. From automating traditional physical activities to digitizing & automating planning, design, assembly, operation and maintenance, advanced technologies can greatly enhance productivity while reducing costs and human errors at the same time.

Manually driven and error-prone assembly production is one area where automation is considered a necessity. Giving a huge push to automation in assembly line, Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery Co. Pvt Ltd, a Hitachi Group Company, has innovated a world-class export oriented Digital Gearbox Assembly Shop using automations and IoT in the assembly process. From kitting of parts, assembly, painting to dispatch, the entire transmission gearbox is digitally assembled for superlative output.

Digitally monitoring and controlling of critical parameters with advanced sensors like high definition cameras and flow meters has replaced the tedious and time-consuming manual check list, thereby reducing the inline quality defects by 70% and use of paper by 30%.

Likewise, digitally monitored loss analysis, previously done by perception and hunch, intimates the respective in-charge on real-time basis regarding classification of loss, operator wise efficiency and hourly efficiency for each shift, thus increasing efficiency from 65% to 80%.

Real-time preventive maintenance has removed the need for manual maintenance at fixed intervals, helping reduce the mean time failures by 50%. Manual parts stock and reordering which was prone to errors has also transformed to digitally monitored and updated by pick to light system, making it error-free.

Earlier, all the processes were manual and there was a variance of 50% in cycle time between the models. With the new setup, the overall cycle time of all the models could be reduced by 70%, saving costs and boosting efficiency like never before.

The digitally assembly process, in line with state-of-the-art fully automatic machines and accessories, has given rise to highly transparent and automated operations improving operators' motivation and reducing high-fatigue operations like torqueing to zero.

Digital Gearbox
Assembly Shop

Revolutionizing Industries & Processes
  • Digital Assembly Process
  • Digital Monitoring of Critical Parameters
  • Digital Monitoring of Critical Parameters
  • Real-time Preventive Maintenance

Likewise, observing high fatigue due to manual torquing in excavator assembly lines and repeated defects, Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery Co. Pvt Ltd achieved automation through electronic torque control DC tools thereby ensuring Poka Yoke (zero defect) in assembly process. The new concept was introduced in all assembly lines at Dharwad plant and later in other Hitachi based companies too. This resulted in improving the Product Quality and enhanced the Capacity of Assembly line by 372 machines for catering higher Market demands which in turn enhanced the profit contribution of 280Mn INR per year.

With this innovation, Hitachi has demonstrated how Social Innovation can be ushered through the confluence of technological advancement and human-centric values to improve the Quality of Life for workers.

Progressing Towards a Better Future

Contemporary India is progressing towards a better future as the rising demand for smart work with enhanced skills, accuracy and productivity is being effectively met with. According to a study conducted by “Automation Anywhere”, Intelligent Automation will catapult Indian economy from $2.7 trillion to US $5 trillion dollars in the next five years1.

Employing AI and digital technology to thrust vision-inspired social innovations, Hitachi Social Innovation Business is showing the way forward for Society 5.0. Hitachi has already implemented advanced automation technologies in the field of transportation, water management, manufacturing, and construction industry.

By imbibing the best advances in Intelligent Automation, Hitachi is catalysing the development of India’s evolving social infrastructure and enriching the social, environmental and economic values.

Hitachi’s vision to develop world class, robust and secure products and solutions through Intelligent Automation and collaborative co-creation with the Government will indubitably steer the country to the next level.



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