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We Create (x) byte of data every day

  1. Raw Data

    Encompasses structured, semistructured and unstructured information

    Low Value

  2. Optimised Data

    Data has volume (hundreds of petabytes), encompasses velocity (very high speed of storage and analysis), variety (multiple types and sources) and veracity (high quality and trustworthiness)

    Create Incremental Value

  1. Analysed Data

    an be transformed into intelligence to generate value through Analytics technology, tools and skills including (AI) and machine learning (ML)

    Create Significant Value

  2. New value Data

    To create new value in various ways, including interacting with customers, building new products, improving customer service

    Amplified Value

The FOUR V’s of Big Data

Four V’s of Big Data

Data Driven Decision Making

Data Driven Decision Making

Source: PwC analysis

Value generation Data Life Cycle

From a functional analysis perspective, various activities are required to be performed to create value from big data, although platform and analytical tool development and other stages are often a precursor.

Transform your data into Insights
to drive your business

1. PwC Big data : A transfer pricing perspective