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Social Innovation

Indian Government's think-tank NITI Aayog recently released a paper titled National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence and pitched India as the Al "garage for emerging & developing economies" with focus on healthcare, agriculture, education, infrastructure & transportation. Additionally, Budget-2018 announced that the Government would be investing extensively in research, training and skill development in Al and other advanced technologieS.1 Considering the number of Indian companies and global corporations focusing on advanced Al-linked work in the country, it is evident that Artificial Intelligence is already making inroads into the daily lives of Indian citizens.

Improving the quality of education

The state government of Andhra Pradesh is working along with a multinational technology company to predict dropout rates in government schools by using artificial intelligence solutions and analyzing the data base of past outcomes across factors like gender, socio-economic background, academic performance, etc. and identification of these children is enabling timely intervention and action for prevention. Moreover, data collected from the students is also being used to help them work on past mistakes with a process of personalized feedback through an Al platform, helping them improve their scores over time.2

Banking sector becomes a forerunner

The four leading commercial banks in India have already started using Artificial Intelligence to improve their customer experience, reduce costs and improve efficiency 3. AI in banking enables anomaly detection and advanced algorithms are also being considered to increase the accuracy of credit card fraud detection and anti-money laundering. Chat bots seem to be the primary Al use-case at these banks with all of them investing in conversational apps - mostly focusing on customer service. In fact, a robot deployed at the Bengaluru branch of a prominent Indian bank is being able to recognize the nationalities of and guide customers in a bank accordingly!

Banking Sector Becomes a Forerunner

Explore How Agro Sector Deploys Al

Agro sector deploys Al for smarter production

Farming communities in India are also deploying artificial intelligence solutions to enable smarter production, processing, storage, distribution and consumption of agricultural products. For instance, a multinational technology firm collaborated with the International Crop Research Institute for Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) to develop an Al-based sowing app which notifies farmers of the optimal time for sowing to get a good harvest. AI in agriculture has helped over 170 farmers in Andhra Pradesh achieved an average 30% higher yield p/h compared to the previous year based on inputs from this Al-based app. Another private organization is working with the Government of Karnataka to develop a multi-variant agro-commodity price forecasting model which can be used to determine the Minimum Support Price for commodities4.So AI in agriculture is creating a transparent centralized system for farmers by providing real time selling price of crops, cost-analysis of transport to markets, and route-map for nearby storage units, among other things.

Hitachi unites Al with Social Innovation

As an organization driven by technology, thought leadership and Social Innovation, Hitachi is ideally positioned to develop smart agriculture solutions like driverless tractors, crop imaging satellite technologies and smartphone-operated greenhouses to improve the farming processes in Oceania. Beyond the realm of agriculture, Hitachi is using AI in agriculture for application-specific problems in areas such as recognition, natural language processing, prediction, optimization, and statistical analysis. It has responded to the recent rise in popularity of humanoid robots by creating robotic assistants for education and healthcare and offers advanced use of Al in finance based on a three-layer system composed of knowledge, communication and interface 5.

Al paves way for socio-economic prosperity

Even though researchers & entrepreneurs are facing challenges in terms of available infrastructure to bring about an Al revolution in India, artificial intelligence solutions continues to make its mark in the daily lives of Indians through e-commerce platforms, social media and chat services. India is making great progress in the field of technology, but in order to utilize the full potential of Al, it needs to encourage greater Al investment, AI research, and seek more support from the government, create a conducive environment for private firms to work on advanced-Al, restructure the education system to generate better Al training, and encourage the venture capitalists to invest in the country. The answer is apparent- collaboration is the key to open the doors of an Al-led prosperous future.

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