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Introducing the Generative AI Debate: Breakthrough AI Ethics for a Resilient Future

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AI Ethics is a very crucial topic that has been raising deep concerns all over the world, especially with the widespread popularity of Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbots.

Generative AI: Friend or Foe?

  • Remarkable content generation capabilities
  • Automated customer interactions
  • Personalized shopping recommendations for improved experience
  • Educational assistant for students
  • Supporting healthcare through research & preliminary diagnosis and many more
  • Malicious content generation
  • Misinformation and fake news
  • Can be misused to create phishing messages and scams
  • Exploited to manipulate individuals or create fake personas
  • Privacy and security risks

Strengthening Foundation of AI Ethics: How Hitachi is Moving One Step Further

  • Established a team of AI ethics specialists at the Lumada Data Science Lab (LDSL), its center for AI and analytics
  • Formed an AI Ethics Advisory Board composed of external experts
  • Risk assessments are conducted on individual projects using a checklist developed from the items to be addressed in the AI Ethical Principles
  • Established its own Data Science Community. This community brings together data scientists from across the Hitachi Group
  • Periodic Training to AI engineers to deepen AI understanding

By combining its expertise in Digital and Innovation with a commitment to AI ethics, Hitachi strives to create a future where AI supplements human intelligence to foster a sustainable society and advance people’s wellbeing.