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Electronic Interlocking System in Indian Railways: The Intelligent, Efficient, and Integrated Solutions of Future Mobility

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The old regime has given way to a new beginning with the introduction of the Electronic Interlocking (EI) signalling system in India’s lifeline, the Indian Railways sector. The state-of-the-art digital technology system promises complete safety and flexibility in train operations by replacing the old relay interlocking system.

Digitalization is forever changing the way Indian Railways, Asia’s largest rail network1 is functioning – saving time, cutting costs, informing commuters in real-time, and averting accidents – and this is possible via creative collaboration between the Indian Government and pioneering technology leaders like Hitachi to fast-track India’s growth trajectory.

Discover how Hitachi Rail delivered Asia's largest electronic interlocking system at Kharagpur railway station with a mission to herald a new era in transportation powered by digitalization and innovation and usher in sustainable mobility of the future where passenger safety and convenience of travel are of prime importance.