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Social Innovation

Under the highly progressive and far-sighted leadership of Hon’ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Shri. Chandra Babu Naidu, is a leading example of e-Governance initiatives in India by leveraging the outcome of advanced IT (Information Technology) and OT (Operational Technology).

An apostle of technology for larger good, Chief Minister Shri. Chandra Babu Naidu envisaged a “Real Time Governance Center” in Velagapudi, Amaravati. The project was conceptualized keeping citizens at the core through -

  • - One Government
  • - Single Entry, Multiple Use
  • - Disintermediation and e-Intermediation &
  • - Deriving Insight and Delivering Foresight

By enabling faster and smarter decision-making capabilities through multiple data sources, government data analytics, and video analytics, the RTGC was envisioned to greatly benefit millions of people and support sustainable development in the state.

Highly advanced and scalable IT and OT technology was critical to bring the desired Social Innovation in governance.

Real Time Governance

  • DATA Real Time Governance Data
  • ANALYSIS Real Time Governance Analysis
  • ACTION Real Time Action Governance
  • FEEDBACK Real Time Governance Feedback

After a detailed survey of the best global command and control centers and rigorous selection process, Hitachi was chosen as the solution partner to set-up this highly advanced facility.

The scale of the project and integration was enormous, yet it needed swift execution to meet the crushing deadline. Hitachi’s globally acknowledged Social Innovation through Collaborative co-creation led the transformation. Fully supported by its vast multi-disciplinary technological capabilities, Hitachi rose to the occasion by proactively responding to the targeted solution scope through a clearly defined solution architecture that could be integrated to districts through “Hub-and-Spoke” model.

On the other hand, full solution when realized - the data and video for each district were decentralized while data sources from different departments were integrated using the cutting edge “Pentaho” Data Integration. That in real terms translates to the data from IoT devices Automated Weather Stations, Soil Health and Moisture data, Disaster Warning Systems, National Crime Database and plethora of data from each of the government departments flowing into the Pentaho system and collated through advanced Pentaho Data Analytics enabling faster response. A highly developed and extensive video surveillance system is critical to an effective command and control center. Thus, a highly scalable and secured video architecture that could accommodate thousands of cameras was integrated into the project.

Future of Governance

Hitachi Consulting Software Services India Pvt. Ltd., a Hitachi group company spearheaded the project creating an ecosystem with Hitachi Vantara India Pvt. Ltd., NCC-Matrix, Papercats, Pyrotech Workspace, Videonetics, Barco with the Government of Andhra Pradesh as customer, exhibited a perfect exhibition of clockwork execution.

Apart from the excruciating deadlines the project being the largest Hitachi visualization suite implementation posed many challenges. Seamless integration with diverse products and technologies, ensuring adherence to deadlines by multiple teams engaged simultaneously while customizing and co-creating solutions specific to the customer’s requirements.

In exactly a year since the project’s conception, the fully functional Real Time Governance Center was delivered to the Government of Andhra Pradesh and since then has been a harbinger of Social Innovation in the domain of e-Ggovernance in India. Hitachi is proud to be a part of Andhra Pradesh government’s initiatives to leverage advanced IT & OT for the development of the state and steer it towards the IoT era.