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OT-IT Convergence: Driving the Future of Industry 4.0 & Industry 5.0

Industry 4.0 Solutions Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

To gain a competitive advantage in the constantly evolving industrial landscape, enterprises and industries are seeking to integrate their OT (Operational Technologies) and IT (Information Technologies). Complex machines are now integrating with network sensors and this data is being analysed in real-time by advanced analytics software, generating intelligent insights for business growth. At the same time, OT-IT convergence is leading digital transformation across industries like manufacturing, thereby accelerating the transition to Industry 4.0 and the emerging Industry 5.0. Hitachi is spearheading the OT-IT concurrence for industries and organisations by utilising its rich and trusted expertise in both Operational Technologies and Information Technologies.

Discover how OT-IT convergence is unlocking new opportunities for growth and how Hitachi is driving this digital transformation to create a Sustainable Society.