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Social Innovation

Rajasthan is an unparalleled tourist destination when it comes to cultural and heritage tourism in India. With an area of 3,42,239 sq. km.(1) and covering 11% of the total geographical expanse of the country, the state is a jewel in India's crown. This is despite the fact that the land dissected by the oldest range of fold mountains, the Aravalis, largely constitutes of parched and arid Thar desert.(1)

In a region of such extreme conditions, to ensure a dependable and inclusive public service delivery system(2) that is easily and effectively accessible to an estimated 76 million citizens of the state has been a growing concern for the government of Rajasthan.

Recognizing the vast potential of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in comprehensively enhancing the reach and efficacy of the governance and services, the state government under the progressive National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) envisioned a massive digital intervention. The initiative aimed at offering essential public services to the people, even in the remotest regions of the state, through service delivery outlets and connectivity infrastructure like State - Wide Area Network (SWAN) - marking it as a key step towards digital transformation vision by promoting efficiency, transparency and accountability of services to be delivered at economical cost.

Hitachi, an innovation partner to the nation’s digital transformation has been profoundly engaged in upgrading the public service delivery network of the country by leveraging its groundbreaking IT X OT (Operational Technology) capabilities.

Realizing Government's Vision

Committed to the vision of a digitally integrated India, Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic Pvt. Ltd., (HISYS-MC) a Hitachi group company co-created solution in close coordination with RajComp Info Services (RISL), the State Designated Agency for implementation of projects under NeGP. Under this transformative initiative Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic industriously pursued comprehensive resurrection of the state's IT infrastructure and enhanced efficiency of Government2Government, Goverment2Citizen and Government2Business services.

Connecting 9,892 panchayats and 183 municipal areas including all district and block headquarters in the state, the project while emerging as a real integrator, was a daunting task to accomplish. The end-to-end solution comprised of -

  • Data Center in Jodhpur Housing

    Establishing two robust Data Centers - Bhamashah State Data Center in Jaipur housing 600 racks and Disaster Recovery (DR) Data Center in Jodhpur housing 80 racks.

  • Centralized Service Delivery Platform of Web Portal

    Integration, unification and centralized service delivery platform of web portal, Mobile App in addition to 35000+ kiosks.

  • Secured Centralized Repository of State Related Data

    Secured centralized repository of the State related data and applications.

  • Ensuring Round-the clock Availability of Government Services

    Ensuring round-theclock availability of government services including Bhamashah, Rajasthan Sampark, eMitra, Raj Mandi, Mahila Suraksha among others.

The implementation generated a resounding impact a sit empowered the state government to successfully roll out more than 200 e-Gov services bridging the vivid urban-rural divide and visibly improving efficiency of more than 80 state government departments. Further, the implementation supported paperless processing and secure digital procedures. Subsequently, saving on valuable natural resources and speed up the delivery internally as well as for the citizens.

Social Innovation Touching Millions of Lives

The outcome effectively demonstrates Hitachi's thought leadership and strengths in aggregation of IT Infrastructure and Management Resources ensuring better Operations, Standardization of Systems & Management Control. For the customer, this led to faster application deployment and reduction in costs. Implemented with a long-term vision, the solution further enriches the customer's experience by offering dynamic scalability to meet the future demands and security requirements in addition to an uptime of 99.749%. Endorsing the efficacy of the system, statistics reveal that the IT infrastructure provided by Hitachi helped record 308,510,927 transactions on eMitra portal alone.

A reiteration of Hitachi's commitment to bring Social Innovation in India through digital technologies, the successful realization of the project has played a catalytic role in accelerating socio-economic revolution in Rajasthan, which is helping people lead a better quality of life.

Committed to make a difference in people's lives by offering superior digital technologies and towards developing a resilient society, Hitachi will continue to develop innovative solutions that contribute to the government's vision of a citizen-centered society.