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Social Innovation

Going Beyond Classrooms

Going Beyond Classrooms

Digitalization has emerged as a modern-day catalyst in integrating society to the growth bandwagon. With India's geographical vastness and volume of outreach, the implementation of 'Digital India' initiative has effectively connected the remotest of the regions through the electronic service delivery system (e-governance) resulting in accountability, and transparency for every citizen across various sectors.

Education is the first early investment for child development, playing a pivotal role in the life of an individual, thereby becoming a building-block of one's personality. It also sets forth the solid foundations of a knowledge-driven nation. Consistently for a young country like India that has witnessed a paradigm shift in the nation's demographic dividend in recent years, the need for greater accessibility to a reliable education system magnifies.

How we learn and what we learn

As India is gearing up with the digital transformation, there arises a pressure to establish education and elearning solutions as a priority for the policymakers to recognize its significant role in citizen's transformation and sustainable growth of the country. Understanding the importance of education and how it contributes in making the country self-reliant, the Government is committed more than ever to make education system in India robust.

As a highly progressive step, Government is leveraging rapid digitalization and development in IT X OT technologies to achieve the desired transformation in the education system in India to support the structured knowledge base for the children to enhance a citizen's Life Cycle from an early age. According to the latest estimates, India has the largest population in the age group of 5-24 years(2) with over 250 million school going students. While India realizes the dream of industry 4.0, it is evident to reflect on the education system, to understand how we learn, and what we learn.

Education System in India

With the advent of the digital technology in education, the pedagogical methods have evolved, moving beyond classroom or coaching sessions, and successfully uniting with the technology. Mapping the data from the birth stage with health interventions like Immunization, Health Records, Nutrition and Nourishment provides the right impetus to a child to become successful throughout the journey of life.


Realizing this potential Hitachi through Hitachi MGRM Net is helping children around the world through its Information Communication and Technology solutions (ICT), ensuring every child to enter the most crucial part of their exploration with tenacity.

Hitachi MGRM Net's ICT technology enables communication, creation, sharing, storing, and managing of information optimally to provide multi-pronged Information-Interaction-Transaction & Transformation (IITT) based Master Governance Platform. The platform intrinsically features a blend of technology, and human values to offer a solution unique to the location playing a significant role in helping the Government to meet the Sustainable Development Goal of Quality Education.

India, with diverse Socio-Eco demographics, needs to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. Committed to the Government's vision, Hitachi MGRM Net's integrated approach has been making a significant contribution to education system in India by accelerating the digital transformation of institutions in the country through its e-Governance platform.

Co-created by Hitachi MGRM Net, the solution serves as an end-to-end solution, that covers the entire lifecycle of students, administrative needs of parents and teachers, including the alumni and the school management by promoting transparency, accessibility, accountability and efficiency in the overall functioning of the educational establishments.


Hitachi MGRM Net's life cycle approach brings forth a decisive shift from the pre-existing manual & semi-automated systems working in silos to fully integrated real-time management of the institution's various academic and administrative functions like admissions, examinations, accounts, fees, MIS Reports and much more. Cumulatively, the systems improve overall quality of education by –

  • Serving as an integrated platform to deliver content
  • Integrated Platform to Deliver Content
  • Advanced Teaching-learning Material for Students and Teachers
  • Delivering advanced teaching-learning material for students and teachers
  • Self-assessments of students at individual, group, regional and national level that helps them make informed decisions about their future and ensure their safety within the campus and during transit through real-time trackers

  • Self-assessments of Students
  • Tools to Assess Student Teacher Performance
  • Providing tools to assess student, teacher performance, which provides essential data for necessary interventions

  • Facilitating dashboard to administrative body and management to accelerate efficient decision-making

  • Dashboard to Administrative Management to Accelerate Efficient Decision-making

Infinite possibilities

Altogether, this revolutionary e-Governance solution in education promotes participation by stakeholders like parents and brings in uniformity and standardization of implementation of policies, processes and programs across the multitude of branches of the institution.

Geared for a highly broad spectrum of applications across sectors, the integrated IoT enabled Solution Platforms by Hitachi MGRM Net are set to bring Social Innovation in education through its rich legacy of data research spanning decades and Big Data Analytics. Thus, helping the nation build a robust foundation of talent and skill while enabling millions of people to live better.

Social Innovation in Education


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