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Social Innovation

Revolutionizing Governance Revolutionizing Governance in India

Revolutionizing Governance, Virtually

Re-defining Governance

India, a largely agrarian country that is home to more than 1.3(1) billion people has been rapidly evolving on the path of digitalization. With a high propensity of urbanization, economic upswing and a thrust towards industrial robustness through 'Make in India' and 'Digital India' initiatives have paved the way for further growth of the nation to unify and change the face of governance forever.

Globally and in India, Hitachi through its Social Innovation Business has been engaged in transforming governance, businesses and societies through its pioneering IT X OT capabilities.

Given its extensive experience combined with the organization's vast solutions and products ecosystem, Hitachi has consistently proved to be an enabling partner to government's e-Governance initiatives in India at the central as well as state levels.

Andhra Pradesh Real Time Governance Center and Rajasthan's digital resurrection of public delivery system under National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) are stellar examples of Hitachi's integrated solution approach as well.

Hitachi Consulting Software Services Pvt. Ltd., a Hitachi a group company, led the execution of technologically and logistically landmark Real Time Governance Center in Amaravathi, Andhra Pradesh. It is the largest Hitachi Visualization Suite implementation in the country that facilitates collation of data through Advanced Pentaho Data Analytics. The data is ingested into Pentaho System from disparate IoT enabled devices like automated Weather Stations, Soil Health and Moisture data systems, Disaster Warning Systems, National Crime Database and voluminous data from each of the government departments. Additionally, equipped with a cutting-edge advanced video surveillance system, the highly scalable and secured video architecture of the project can integrate thousands of video cameras to monitor every nook and corner of the state.

Hitachi Consulting Software Services

The results have been overwhelming with reduction in overall crime-rate, faster resolutions at service delivery level and in the event of natural calamities like typhoons RTG has demonstrated its extraordinary ability to speedily identify areas of probable impact. The forewarning helps authorities to timely issue alerts and in evacuation of people and livestock in a coordinated manner, resulting in minimal loss of life and assets.

The project is envisaged to benefit more than 53 million citizens(2) of Andhra Pradesh through faster response and raising level of transparency along with accountability in the services and schemes offered by the state.

Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic

Similarly in Rajasthan, Hitachi Systems Clinic Pvt. Ltd., has successfully led the transformation by connecting 9,892 panchayats and 183 municipal areas(3) including all district and block headquarters in the desert state, the project while connecting the entire state is promoting efficiency, transparency and accountability of services to be delivered at an economical cost to an estimated 76 million citizens.(4)

The impressive outcomes of e-Ggovernance in India are not limiting to public service delivery systems. Identifying education as elemental to a country's sustainable growth, the government has sought to bring vital changes in the sector through e-Governance.

Hitachi through Hitachi MGRM Net is helping children around the world through its Information Communication and Technology solutions (ICT), ensuring every child to enter the most crucial part of their exploration with tenacity. Hitachi MGRM Net, widely recognized for its advanced IT X OT solutions envisioned with the entire human Life Cycle at its core, is co-creating e-Governance solutions to digitally transform institutions to optimize student's learning curve and help the nation achieve its Sustainable Development Goal for education.(3) Thereby, helping the institution, the teachers and the parents cohesively work towards a child's growth.

As IoT and AI enabled solutions and devices make further inroad into India, Hitachi along with its group companies and Hitachi MGRM Net is ready to drive Social Innovation through e-Governance services in the other critical areas of Healthcare, Agriculture, Transportation and myriad more that help in enhancing Quality of Life of citizens.

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