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Social Innovation

    See how we’re bringing innovation to healthcare.

    Supporting the Health of Everyone in Communities

    Healthcare needs are diversifying worldwide as social aging, higher treatment standards, and other advances make it vital to build sustainable social security systems. Hitachi’s Lumada IoT platform is helping to transform healthcare with digital technology.
    For example, an infrastructure could be created that would link medical institutions and other organizations in a community through IT to support the health of community members. Daily vital data measurements from wearable devices and sensors would be shared in real time with relevant physicians and other healthcare professionals. Analyzing health, medical treatment and nursing care information would play a role in preventing lifestyle diseases, identifying diseases in early stages, or supporting nursing care. Reinforcing the connections created among national and local governments, medical institutions and nursing facilities means that anyone can get the care and treatment they need at any time. The prospective payoffs are massive. Medical institutions and nursing homes could operate more efficiently, medical expenses could be optimized, and best of all, people could expect to live healthy, long lives.
    By providing advanced medical technologies and systems and encouraging data usage, Hitachi aims to contribute to a truly secure society improving and enriching lives everywhere.

    Making Advanced Medical Equipment More Reliable

    Superconductive magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems combine magnetic fields and radio waves to provide clearer images than X-rays and computed tomography scanners. But a breakdown could delay vital examinations for patients. What’s more, emergency repairs would likely exceed the cost of regular maintenance, driving operational rates down and undermining profitability. To avoid these pitfalls and enhance the quality and efficiency of medical care, Hitachi rolled out a program that optimizes maintenance timing for complex superconductive MRI systems.

    Providing Less Invasive Cancer Treatments with Hitachi’s Proton Therapy System

    Driven by their commitment to help people all over the world, Hitachi drew on years of experience in accelerator technologies and techniques in establishing stable operations at facilities to swiftly develop its high energy proton therapy system. The result is a highly effective cancer therapy system that accurately irradiates tumors, resulting in far less damage to surrounding tissue when compared to conventional radiation treatments. Furthermore, Hitachi has developed the capability to deliver high energy proton beams to tumors in motion due to patient respiration. This innovation was recently recognized with the highest honor for inventions in Japan, the Imperial Invention Prize. As cancer becomes more prevalent throughout society, the demand for more advanced, less invasive treatments is expected to increase.

    Undertaking basic research to drive technological
    innovation through new approaches

    Hitachi embarks on advanced, long-term R&D into cancer and intractable diseases in
    collaboration with various research institutions.


    Hitachi aims to deliver comprehensive healthcare solutions by innovating medical technologies and systems
    while leveraging operational technology that supports social security and other integrated community care programs
    and information technology that gathers, analyzes, and predictively employs big data.