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Social Innovation

Illuminating Insights into Brighter Tomorrows

An elevator arrives as soon as you step into the elevator bay. Once inside, you are whisked straight to your desired floor. No stops. No delays. No crowded cars. That's the magic of leveraging the Lumada IoT platform, which combines Hitachi's operational and information technology expertise to make social systems smarter and our lives more convenient. Lumada leverages artificial intelligence to analyze data harvested from digitally connected individuals, equipment, devices, transportation facilities, and other sources to formulate predictions, automatically fine-tuning all system elements to streamline people’s movements and enhance the urban experience.

Eliminating Elevator Waits

Imagine a day without the stress and delay of waiting for an elevator. What if an elevator could detect your needs, wait for you, and safely speed you straight to the right floor? It may seem far off, but surprisingly it’s already here.

Enhancing Rail Network Efficiency

As they expand, railway networks make it more convenient to live further away from city centers. However, there is a risk of small delays bringing virtually everything to a standstill because of the lengths and complexity of rail routes. Hitachi addressed this issue by evolving a system that keeps timetables stable for even the most complex networks. The system monitors train operations in real time and delivers up-to-date information, including the fastest route when multiple route options are available, to passengers if schedule issues arise.

Predicting How People Flow to
Relieve Congestion

It can be hard, not to mention frightening, to try to reach a destination when being pushed along by a human wave. Hitachi has done something about this by developing a system that can be deployed in crowded areas, stations, and at intersections to recognize and analyze individuals and predict their actions. The system helps maintain safety, shows people how they can head in the right direction, and alleviates congestion, while optimizing on-the-spot services by analyzing pedestrian traffic.


Hitachi has a robust record for delivering numerous social infrastructure systems for urban planning,
operational technology for controlling and running these systems,
and information technology that collects and analyzes Big Data for predictions.
Here, we have showcased Hitachi's initiatives to support social innovation in urban development by
leveraging the integration of operational and information technologies.