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Social Innovation

Ensuring Safety on Roads

JK Tyre is an innovative tyre manufacturer dedicated to the development of products that improve road safety and are ecofriendly.

In quest of more advanced solutions for road safety and efficiency of operations, JK Tyre decided to transform its existing IT infrastructure. While earlier, JK Tyre had to maintain several legacy systems, they were now looking to consolidate and upgrade the data centers. JK Tyre wanted a solution that could save their time and allow them to develop advanced solutions to tackle issues related to road safety and environment.

JK Tyre wanted a single point of contact for all their technology requirements which led to the collaboration with Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic. For Hitachi, it came as an opportunity to introduce social innovation into India’s growing tyre industry – leverage its digital technologies to create solutions that would make roads safer, will be eco-friendly and make travel convenient.

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Road Safety Solutions

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Hitachi offered JK Tyre advanced IT and OT capabilities to revamp their data center and upgrade to SAP HANA with Disaster Recovery.

Hitachi experts thoroughly analyzed the requirements and laid out a roadmap to transform JK Tyre’s existing IT infrastructure into a consolidated, highly scalable data framework. The comprehensive system integration solution eliminates the burden of maintaining separate legacy systems. The new environment provides real-time and predictive analytics capabilities to generate useful information related to road safety, tyre quality, and other important aspects that can be integrated into business processes.

Hitachi solutions which include design, integration, on-site installation, security and support, are helping JK Tyre to focus more on critical business processes and advancement of products for better road safety and other passenger needs.

Road Safety Solutions

Hitachi has helped JK Tyre to improve their operational efficiency and scale up to meet the increasing business demands. With upgraded systems, JK Tyre is able to quickly process data and derive valuable insights from tyres that come for maintenance. This helps them to understand the reasons behind different tyre conditions, and hence develop products that offer optimum performance and road safety.

Hitachi is proud to have collaborated with JK Tyre on the development of a solution that would ensure safety of millions. And this is what Hitachi Social Innovation Business is about – making world a better place to live, today and tomorrow.

Release Date : 2018. March. 28th
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