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Transforming India’s leading City Gas Distribution Network:
Building a Low Carbon Society

The rapidly amplifying urban habitat is pushing the need for safe, economical and ecologically sustainable urban utilities. With the growing stress, the government has realised the immense potential of Natural gas as a low carbon footprint resource to meet the energy and other essential utility needs of the urban citizens, commercial spaces and industries. Considering the projection that more than 40% of the country’s population will reside in urban areas by 2030 (1), the service providers are intensely looking for technological solutions to efficiently meet the growing demand along with resource optimization.

Revolutionizing City Gas Distribution Network

Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL) is one of the largest City Gas Distribution service providers in the country. Establishing a dominant presence in the Delhi NCR, it caters to nearly 515 CNG stations, 12.39 lacs residential consumers besides an estimated 4,000 commercial and 2,500 industrial users (2) and counting.

The massive scale-up in network and to meet the ever-growing demand efficiently necessitated suitable technological metamorphosis.

Hitachi has been leveraging its globally appreciated OT x IT solutions to help City Gas Distribution service providers impart safer, reliable, economical and efficient green energy solutions.

Acknowledging Hitachi’s legacy, IGL entrusted Hitachi India Pvt. Ltd, Infrastructure System Division to co-create robust operations automation solution. Hitachi deeply assessed customer’s challenges and existing capabilities to subsequently create a suitable solution architecture to meet IGL’s vision of a low carbon footprint society.

Contributing to creation of a low carbon footprint society

For over a hundred years Hitachi Social Innovation Business has been closely working with governments, society and enterprises to build a sustainable society.

Collaborating with IGL through its digital journey, Hitachi is empowering the organization with real-time access to impactful data insights, through Hitachi HIACS-AZ SCADA sensors and HIACS-AZ SCADA systems installed on IGL sites spread across the NCR.

The solution not only enables network to become more safe, robust and responsive but, the converging data also aids in recognizing the peak hour consumption patterns based on which differential pricing during peak hours can be introduced.

Furthermore, as the first City Gas Distribution (CDG) project out of Japan and by facilitating end-to-end HIACS-AZ SCADA installation for the customer, Hitachi paves way for the advanced digital solutions, services and technologies platform Lumada, in this high growth sector.

The successful digital transformation of IGL operations by Hitachi has far-reaching outcomes. In India the modernization is enabling service providers to ensure better and safer services while gaining significant ability to expand their network. In this way Hitachi is contributing in enhancing the Social, Environmental and Economic value of the customers, helping meet the government’s vision of a low carbon footprint society and enhancing Quality of Life of citizens

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  • Release Date: March 2020
  • Solutions By: Hitachi India Pvt. Ltd., Infrastructure Systems Division