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Connecting Lives, Connecting the Nation

Indian Railways is on a fast track to unleash its potential as the cornerstone of the new India's vision of a seamless and efficient mass mobility infrastructure. Hitachi is relentlessly leveraging its vast gamut of mobility solutions to partner the nation's mass carrier.

The Aspiration

  • Enhancing Operational Strength
  • Improving Passenger Experience
  • Augmenting Contribution to India's Economic Growth
  • Contributing to the Government's Green Vision

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Demonstrating Resilience in the Face of Headwinds

The Northern Railway (NR) and the National Capital Region (NCR) zones connect major economic and commuting hubs across the country that include New Delhi, the National Capital and Mumbai, the financial capital of India.

Consequently, Hitachi Rail STS India designed a solution that ensured compliance to the Railways' stiff demand –

  • Implementation of solution with minimum hinderance to the massive flow of daily passenger and freight traffic.
  • Optimal utilization of the existing infrastructure.
  • Solution that is economical, cutting-edge yet scalable to amplify efficiency and capacity of the nation's complex Rail Networks.

The Visionary Approach

Hitachi Rail STS India's approach of upgrading the existing unidirectional track and signalling system for Bi-directional working has emerged as an efficient, dependable, and scalable way to enhance the capacity of the existing rail network in the country.

One Solution, Myraid Outcomes

By successfully implementing 120KM*1 digitally powered Bi-directional signalling over a significant railway section between Ghaziabad and Aligarh, Hitachi Rail STS has significantly contributed to

Decongestion of railway traffic.

Reduction in the burden on New Delhi terminal and exchange stations.

Augmenting the channel capacity while circumventing extensive construction and land acquisition.

Thereby, touching millions of lives every day.

The unprecedented Bi-directional automatic signaling solution implemented by Hitachi Rail STS India further reinforced its credibility as a leading mobility solution provider and a trusted partner to the Railways vision of a safe, seamless, and net-zero emission mobility future.

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  • Release Date: March 2024
  • Solutions By: Hitachi Rail STS, India