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Social Innovation

Creating Society 5.0


Hitachi’s contribution to a new human-centric and sustainable society in Italy

A major target for the modern age is achieving sustainable development – with particular focus on the objectives defined by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

To solve the paradoxes and contradictions implied by sustainable development, we must inevitably resolve important economic, social and environmental challenges.

We need a cooperative approach capable of placing people at the core, effectively answering their needs and encouraging the participation of all public and private stakeholders. Innovative players represent the engine of this process and digital transformation is the key tool to solve the most pressing social problems.

To support the debate on the evolution of Italian society and study the contribution that major business players can offer, Hitachi, together with The European House – Ambrosetti, has launched the initiative Towards the creation of Society 5.0 in Italy”.

Originally a Japanese concept, Society 5.0 can be successfully adopted in countries sharing similar social problems and analogous socio-economic structures. Drawing on insights from the Hitachi Social Innovation Forum 2019 EUROPE (Milan, 7 November 2019), this study aims to analyze the possibilities and areas of implementation of the so-called Society 5.0 in Italy.

It highlights the contribution offered by Hitachi, underlining the privileged role that the Group plays in the realization of this model through its highly innovative solutions and its Corporate Commitment.

The study describes the progress of Italy in its path towards sustainability and examines specific implications, opportunities and priorities related to the spread of digital technologies and their application to improve our quality of life.

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