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Faster charging electric vehicles will save time and help the environment.

One of the key goals for the United Nations Climate conference (COP26) in Glasgow in November is to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles. With the global tightening of environmental regulations and the push for greater adoption of electric vehicles, the demand for more efficient powertrain systems in EVs is greater than ever.

It is expected that 145 million electric vehicles could be on public roads by 2030*. This means more charging points and more space to accommodate them. So the need to keep these vehicles moving, through faster charging is becoming paramount.  

Leading the way, is the world’s first 800V inverter for mass produced EVs from Hitachi.  It has been adopted by some of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers, including Audi, with astonishing results.

Currently the majority of EVs are based on a 400-volt system and in order to attain a longer driving range, additional batteries with parallel connection are required and this impacts on both increased battery capacity and charging time.

Fast chargers are helping, but remain slow compared with a fuel pump. What would help democratise the EV is the adoption of industry standard 800V inverters, allowing charging in less than half the time taken by a typical 400V system.

The Hitachi 800V inverter enables a battery to be charged to 80% in just 18 minutes, which, when you consider the average 400V EV inverter takes around 60 minutes to reach the same level of charge, is a remarkable feat. 

However, stress free driving without the worry of lengthy charging stops mid-journey are not the only benefits. At 800 volts, the operating voltage in the Audi’s RS e-tron GT is double the EV norm. It enables the cars to charge faster, with less heat, and thinner-gauge wiring. This reduction in heat is a key enabler of these vehicles to achieve extremely consistent acceleration performance.

With the race to reach net zero in 2050 looming closer, the adoption of 800V inverters to achieve ultra-fast charging cannot come soon enough. 

To find out more about how Hitachi is transforming the automotive and mobility sectors click here. Hitachi is a Principal Partner for COP26 and is committed to helping governments, cities and businesses achieve a low-carbon future. To find out more please visit here

*Source: The International Energy Agency (IEA)