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Social Innovation

A Legend Reimagined

The Honda Legend now truly lives up to its name.

Autonomous driving vehicles have the potential to save lives, reduce accidents, and minimise the stress of the drivers held in traffic or those undertaking long journeys.

The launch of the 2021 Legend, equipped with Honda Sensing Elite, sees the Japanese manufacturer effectively becoming the first automaker in the world to offer a Level 3 autonomous driving system, under specific conditions, in a production vehicle.

Autonomous driving capabilities are rated in levels from Zero where the driver performs all driving operations and no driving automation, up to Level 5 where the vehicle takes control of all driving tasks, in all conditions with zero human interaction.

Attaining Level 5 is not just fraught with technical issues such as sensor capabilities, machine learning algorithms and infrastructure; there are also regulations to navigate and social acceptability. The public also needs to be involved in decisions about the introduction of self-driving vehicles. Without this, there is a real risk of rejection of this technology.

Today, Hitachi is proud to have played a role in Honda achieving the first Level 3 autonomous car that allows the Legend to make informed decisions for itself, such as accelerating past a slow-moving vehicle, and to make this giant leap forward in automotive history.

Being involved in the development process of the incredible Honda Legend will strengthen Hitachi’s ambition to help the automotive industry accomplish higher levels in autonomous vehicles and create completely safe, functional and socially acceptable autonomous systems.

Honda’s Elite system’s main feature is its Traffic Jam Pilot, which takes full control of the car in bumper-to-bumper traffic and is responsible for the acceleration, braking, and steering in these conditions. The system comes with a Honda promise of “high-quality and smooth driving.”

The new Legend incorporates a revolutionary ‘Autonomous Driving Electronic Control Unit (AD ECU), provided by the Hitachi Group, capable of updating vehicle control software and an ‘Over-the-Air Unit’ (OTA) developed by Hitachi Astemo that receives and manages update data.

Providing advanced mobility solutions that improve safety, comfort as well as enhance environmental protection is just another example of what we call ‘Social Innovation is Powering Good’. 

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