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Hitachi and AMT to relieve crowding in Genoa

Genoa AMT Genoa AMT

Crowding and congestion can be a problem for commuters and bus companies alike, especially during Covid. Passengers want to know when and what sort of service they can expect – and bus companies want to ensure they provide the right services to meet that demand. This is the core concept behind a new ‘Mobility as a Service’ trial, pioneered by Hitachi and AMT in the Italian city of Genoa. The state-of-the-art system provides live information on congestion across the network, as well as crowding levels on 11 buses across 49 stops in the city.

Through a web portal, AMT can constantly monitor the crowding level and location of vehicles and reconfigure their services to meet changing passenger demand. The application works by collating data using the Si.Mon. monitoring system developed by the high-tech global company Leonardo and providing operators access to real time information via a web platform.

The trial will run until March 2022. For more information please click here.