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Let tech tick off your to-do list

Don’t fret about your work to-do list! Technology is now making our hours in the office more productive – and maybe even a bit more enjoyable…

After five days of your alarm clock ringing at 6am, attending meetings and ticking tasks off your to-do list, chances are your productivity levels have hit rock bottom.

But here’s how new technologies will put the spring back in your step.

People often say their work is made bearable by the people they work with, and soon we will have new team members in the form of dedicated AI humanoids. These humanoids will help to alleviate our workload and will give us more time to do more creative tasks. This is already happening in legal firms. A recent report by The Times and Brief Premium revealed that 40 of the UK’s 100 biggest law firms have begun to use AI systems on active cases. Whilst this suggests that there could be a long-term place for machine learning in the workplace, in particularly repetitive roles or administrative tasks, there’s no need to hand in your resignation. Introducing tech to support us with certain roles will free employees to dedicate more time to more creative and interesting avenues at work, rather than being bogged down in filing and admin.

As this administrative tech has become more intelligent and more aligned with the modern workplace, offices have begun to fully utilise FAQ chatbots. HR departments have also already begun to use AI in their recruitment and employee development alongside virtual assistants, such as’s Amy, which is able to schedule meetings with clients, contacts and leads.

Smart tech has moved beyond helping us complete tasks and has extended into improving our daily experience in the office environment – which luckily for bosses also improves productivity too. After investigating the link between movement and work performance, Hitachi has created an ID badge which monitors employee ‘happiness’. The badges collect data from employee movement throughout the day and workers submit a self-analysed happiness score. This data is entered into an AI system which generates recommendations and can help bosses to improve their workforce’s happiness levels. Research has shown that by creating a happier workforce, you are in turn creating a more productive workforce.

So, by using technology to take the burdens of admin away from employees, we become more productive and can spend more time doing what we enjoy in the office. Monday mornings of the future won’t look so bleak.