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Get smart about IoT security

How would your devices fare in a cyber-attack?

We have grown used to producing and sharing a lot of data through our devices.

Some of this data is incredibly sensitive and shouldn’t fall into the wrong hands…so how do we protect it?

The Internet of Things (IoT), the term used to describe many different electronic devices connecting to each other via the internet, is making all of our lives more convenient and efficient. But, like all internet-enabled technology, the IoT must include appropriate security measures. Cyber-security is an issue in many fields, with researchers from some of the world’s leading universities warning that we should pay more attention to the risks surrounding data-reliant tech if it’s not properly protected.

So how do we keep ourselves safe? Well, families can protect themselves with a few practical steps. This includes maintaining the most up-to-date software, as well as setting complex passwords and changing them regularly. If the home has multiple connected devices, creating a “guest” network on your router to prevent guests accessing private family information lowers the risk. These are just some of the steps that can be taken; there are many more.

In the commercial world, social infrastructure – like energy networks, hospitals and prisons – can be protected using specialist solutions. The best cyber protection takes a broad view, providing protection at the system-level, organisation-level, and operational-level. Tech such as Hitachi Vantara's advanced cyber security analytics covers these requirements. Vantara’s solution allows users act quickly to defend their property. The system detects and analyses intrusions rapidly, in some cases cutting the time from months to days.

As the world grows more connected, being aware of digital security is important to all IoT users. Don’t be mistaken, we can still reap the benefits – who doesn’t love the ability to turn on the heating on their smart phone – but a few small precautions make all the difference.