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Social Innovation

Hitachi is confining paper to the history bin

As we move towards a more sustainable future, businesses are looking to reduce waste. Paper is a key part of that with millions of documents needlessly copied, sent, shredded and incinerated every day. Hitachi’s digital ‘Durable Medium’ is changing this. Hitachi’s Durable Medium combines WORM (Write Once, Read Many) storage and a web application.

It enables each and every customer document, from the first version to the latest, to be stored in a safe and secure way and to be accessible at any time from anywhere in the world. It is impossible to modify these documents once they have been issued, so it keeps a record of every customer’s file from its original version. This technology has proved to be vital, with Santander Bank in Poland rolling it out less than three months after partnering with Hitachi, and Bank Pekao S.A. reducing paper letters to customers by more than 1.5 million in its first year of use. Other high-profile customers, such as Poland’s clearing house KIR and the cooperative banking group service provider CRUZ, have also adopted this technology, which is a clear testament to its quality, functionality and security.

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