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Social Innovation

Hitachi Helping Children with Type 1 Diabetes

Sadly, children suffering with Type 1 diabetes face a serious and lifelong condition. With no known cure, they are faced with regular hospital visits for monitoring and check ups. In Poland these hospital visits can take several hours every week, interrupting children’s education and negatively affecting their quality of life. It is also inefficient for doctors, who have to spend time uploading and referencing patient data: time that could be better spent treating patients.

To respond to these problems Hitachi, in partnership with others, has been working with doctors in Warsaw. Hitachi is developing software that will allow the parents and guardians of child patients to upload their medical data from home. At the same time doctors can access all of a patient’s data on one platform, straight from their mobile phone.

Over the same platform doctors can receive alerts, and offer diet and activity advice to patients. This can reduce doctor and hospital visits by over 50%, allowing children to live more normal lives and doctors to better manage patient outcomes.