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Tech yields vast improvement for farmers

A tractor, remote sensors and a smart phone – the essential tools for a modern farmer

With global populations growing at a rapid rate, farmers have a challenge to produce more food from the same lands.

To increase production, farmers are having to become tech savvy.

Issue Explanation
Energy Farming is an energy-intensive business.? More farmers are turning to self-generation of energy, for example by having solar panels installed, in order to cut a farm’s energy bills, and also to provide additional income as excess energy is sold back to the grid.?
Logistics No more half empty lorries. Data on crop yields, passed from the farm to the supply chain, allows distributors to arrange the logistics of delivery much more efficiently.
Satellite mapping A bird’s eye view from a satellite means the growth of crops can be carefully monitored. Using this information, farmers can determine the optimum time to harvest.?
Smart greenhouses Wilting leaves are a thing of the past with heat sensors planted throughout a greenhouse. The results go into the cloud and are relayed to the heating system?leading to precisely the right temperature for growing.
Livestock biometrics Livestock biometrics allow for the fast identification and monitoring of animals. ?
Equipment telematics Telematics technology collects and manages information from field equipment, allowing the farmer to review performance and diagnose issues remotely.

Learn more about Hitachi’s work making farms in Italy smarter: