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Social Innovation

Pumping out new innovations

We need fresh ideas to tackle global water shortages. Luckily, tech is awash with solutions…

Unlike many humanitarian health issues, the water problem is getting worse.

Nearly two million people die from a lack of safe drinking water every year. In 2030, half the world’s population could be living in areas where there isn’t enough water. The problem is being caused by expanding urban areas, climate change and bio-energy demands draining water resources as the population grows.

Without action, the shortage could result in droughts and unsanitary conditions. To tackle the issue, researchers and scientists are turning to new technology to help collect, manage and distribute water in new ways.

To discover some of the amazing new technologies being pumped out by the tech sector, check out the water laboratory below. By hovering your mouse over the different innovations, you can learn how they work and what contribution they are making to solving the water crisis.

(1) Pocket water purifier
(2) Efficient Water Networks - Italy
(3) Hitachi 100 years of innovation. ‘The most efficient water pump in the world’
(4) Water system for Hilton Hotel Istanbul
(5) The Pipe. (Giant floating solar panelled water desalination)
(6) Hitachi Consulting – South West Water
(7) Fog Catcher