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Social Innovation

City Jobs of the Future

As the world around us changes, so will the way we work. What kind of job roles might we see advertised in the future?

With major social and technological changes such as mass urbanisation, industrial automation and the Internet of Things, it seems likely that many of the jobs we currently do will disappear in the not-too-distant future.

Here, we take a light-hearted look at the kind of roles we might see on job boards in the future…

1.Job Title: Data Doctor (consultant, predictive health unit)

Location: Online

Organisation: The Royal London Digital Diagnostic Centre

Job Description: We are looking for a dedicated individual to join our busy predictive health unit. You will analyse patients’ family medical history data, cross-referencing this with anonymised data collected from across the country, and use it to identify potential risk areas and develop detailed medical and lifestyle plans to prevent diseases from developing.

Skills Needed: Maths, IT or medical degree, data analytics experience and people skills.

Closing Date: 19/06/2022

2. Job Title: Waste Data Handler Executive

Location: Online


Job Description: We are looking for a discrete, tech savvy individual to work for one of the largest waste data handling companies in the world. Your primary responsibility is the safe disposal of customer data stored in computers. Clients include Fortune 500 companies, government bodies and high profile individuals. Due to the sensitive nature of the work, it will occasionally require long working hours but is hugely rewarding as you play a vital role in the fight against cybercrime and identity theft. Applicants will be thoroughly vetted for international security clearance prior to appointment, and we will only consider those with no criminal record. Salary to be paid in Bitcoin.

Skills Needed: STEM Bachelors and discretion.

Closing Date: 19/03/2045

3. Job Title: Junior Vertical Farmer

Location: City Centre

Organisation: VertiCrop

Job Description: We are looking for a candidate who is passionate about food growth and nutrients. Your role will include overseeing our 16 stories of vertical farm crops growing on the east wall of the National Bank. The candidate will have experience successfully cultivating food crops in non-agrarian environments. Familiarity with aeroponics and similar controlled-environment agriculture methods is desired. Must be comfortable working at heights.

Skills Needed: Time management, a willingness to work flexibly, self-driving car license.

Closing Date: 17/10/2041

4. Job Title: Junior Augmented Reality Architect

Location: Online

Organisation: ARchitex

Job Description: We are a growing architecture start-up looking for an enthusiastic person to join our ambitious team. We are at the forefront of the use of augmented reality in architecture and the role requires someone who is comfortable designing and coding in Augmented and Virtual Reality, but who is also able to reference archive documentation from the 20th century for historical redevelopments. The Junior Augmented Reality Architect will project digital information onto architectural models.

Skills Needed: Imaginative and creative thinking, ability to analyse and critically assess problems, ability to see the big picture as well as giving attention to the smallest detail.

Closing Date: 03/12/2042

5. Job Title: Associate CO2 Emissions Controller

Location: Working from home

Organisation: COP21 Legacy Group

Job Description: On the 40 year anniversary of the signing of the Paris agreement we are looking to expand our dynamic CO2 emissions regulating team. The successful applicant will use the Internet of Things (IoT) to regulate the amount of pollution entering the atmosphere. The team receives information using IoT on the amount of CO2 every business, factory and house emits every 25 seconds. It will be your job to monitor and prevent any breaches of agreed daily quotas. This may require you to support legal action or disconnect power to regular rule breakers.

Skills Needed: A genuine desire to heal our world and to stop further damage.

Closing Date: 22/04/2056