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Energy management business plays central role in joint project
to advance urban development in Malaysia

Hitachi is currently planning an energy-saving project for a university and a college, hotels, a hospital, a shopping mall, and other facilities owned by the Sunway Group, a company involved in a wide range of businesses revolving around urban development. As a first step in this project, Hitachi has performed an energy conservation demonstration study at the Sunway's headquarters building. By addressing a wide range of challenges in partnership with the Sunway Group, Hitachi is committed to contributing to urban development in Malaysia well into the future.

Video:Energy management business plays central role in joint project

Applying energy management expertise to help achieve a low-carbon society

Since the establishment of Hitachi Sunway Information Systems in April 2013 as a joint venture that provides IT services, the Sunway Group and Hitachi have advanced together as business partners and strengthened their ties across a broad range of fields.
In 2015, they launched joint business efforts in the area of energy management. The two companies will contribute to the establishment of a low-carbon society in Malaysia by drawing on Hitachi's leading energy-saving solutions to optimize energy use at facilities owned and operated by the Sunway Group.
A first step toward optimizing equipment operations based on an analysis of energy usage data at the Sunway Group's headquarters achieved clear reductions in energy use. Subsequent joint efforts will promote an energy-saving project for the university and college and examine the adoption of an integrated energy management system for the hotels, hospital, and shopping mall.
Hitachi is also proposing solutions at the shopping mall with the goal of achieving safety and security in the community. These efforts will be based on technologies that analyze pedestrian flows in support of marketing efforts and facial recognition technologies in support of security solutions.
As part of integrated urban development projects that draw on the expertise of Hitachi's energy management business in ASEAN markets, efforts are now underway to develop communities in which people can live in comfort and peace of mind.

  • Release Date: March 2017
  • Solutions By: Hitachi, Ltd. Society 5.0 Promotion and Urban Solution Development Division
  • Client: Sunway Group
  • Lines of business: The Sunway Group is a conglomerate active in businesses ranging from construction to the operation and management of residences, hotels, retail facilities, and other properties.