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Social Innovation

'Oliena Model': Hitachi Water Saving Project on
Italian Best Practices List 2017 (Sardinia)

A Social Innovation approach to improve the efficiency of the water network in Oliena, with savings that benefit municipalities across Sardinia.

The Challenge

Find a way to reduce water loss in Oliena, a village with an aging water network with high levels of leakage and an intermittent supply, with the aim to create a sustainable situation.

The Solution

A pilot project commissioned by Abbanoa S.p.A. with the support of Hitachi: the 'Oliena Model' has improved the water supply of Oliena by prioritising pressure management, air control and prevention of pressure variations.

Hitachi’s solution is based on an audit of the existing water network, followed by analysis and technical enhancements such as network design, air and water pressure management, and leak detection. The expertise of the Hitachi team and the close collaboration with the partner stakeholders led to a framework of interventions that solved the existing issues and added an efficient stability to Oliena’s water network.

The Result

  1. Water loss reduced by more than 50%
  2. The ‘Oliena model’ is now on a list of Italian Best Practices for 2017
  3. Significant energy savings achieved through improvements to the main pumping station.


In 2016, Abbanoa S.p.A., with the support of Hitachi and the council of Oliena, undertook an innovative project to reduce the leakages and increase the efficiency of its water supply network.

Oliena’s water supply is guaranteed by a natural source, a spring in the surrounding area named Su Gologone, one of the most important natural sites in Sardinia.

The success of the ‘Oliena model’ has meant that it will now be implemented in other municipalities across Sardinia, 30 municipalities in 2017, followed by 100 in 2018 and another 100 in 2019, saving water and improving supply for the entire island.

About Abbanoa

Abbanoa S.p.A. is the main operator of Integrated Water Services for Sardinia, Italy.

About Hitachi Drives & Automation Italy Srl

Hitachi D&A, through its Aulos Division, offers services dedicated to the preservation of water resources and energy saving.

  • Release Date: December 19th, 2017
  • Solutions By: Hitachi Drives & Automation (Italy) S.r.l.