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Proton Beam Therapy System

At Clínica Universidad de Navarra, Madrid

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About Proton Therapy

Proton Therapy is an advanced type of cancer radiotherapy that uses a beam of charged protons.

The protons release the energy directly on the tumor while minimizing radiation to surrounding healthy tissue.

Proton therapy improves the quality of life for cancer patients because the patient experiences no pain during treatment and the procedure has very few side effects compared to conventional radiotherapy.

In most cases, patients can continue with their normal daily activities while undergoing treatment.

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About the Treatment Room

The gantry rotates 360 degrees around the patient to deliver the proton beam at any angle. The proton beam is directed precisely at the tumor spot-by-spot and layer-by-layer. The Gantry-mounted Cone Beam CT to provide 3D images of the patient and the Real-time Image Gating to target the moving tumor enable accurate high-dose beam delivery.


About the Accelerator Room

Hitachi’s compact synchrotron accelerator produces the proton beam with the exact energy required to treat each patient’s tumor. Protons are accelerated up to 60% of the speed of light and transported to the Treatment Room.

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