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“Security has been and always will be one of the top priorities for governments and societies across the world. ”

Security has been and always will be one of the top priorities for governments and societies across the world. Protection of people, infrastructure, business and the economy remains a fundamental cornerstone of a prosperous and successful society. Unresolved conflicts and evolving threats continue to have a significant impact on the day-to-day lives and operations of society.

Public safety agencies are facing a growing and more diverse range of threats driven by cross-border migration, improved criminal communication, cyber criminality and the risk of terrorism. With the United Nations (UN) projecting that 70% of the world population will live in cities by 2050, we will face many urban security challenges. In addition, natural disasters continue to pose threats to many of the major cities located in earthquake zones, near coasts or in areas that experience extreme weather conditions.

This changing nature of the threat landscape sits alongside the digital transformation of our world. In the Internet of Things (IoT) era, an ever-increasing number of connected security devices are generating enormous amounts of data that will revolutionize the industry. A combination of new technology and business model innovation is transforming the way safety is delivered with a shift from detection and response to prediction and prevention. This is resulting in new opportunities to integrate the increasingly complex elements of the public safety ecosystem, bringing together security infrastructure with sophisticated IT.

safety outcomes for our future
While this brings challenges and vulnerabilities, especially around cyber protection, it also brings opportunities to help better protect cities, infrastructure, businesses and citizens. Moving forward to 2025 and beyond, these challenges and threats will continue to change and evolve, and this will drive cities to adapt and transform to better prepare, anticipate and respond to our public safety needs.

Although often seen as slower moving than other industries, stakeholders are embracing technology and new solutions to provide more intelligence, situational awareness and operational efficiencies. The security industry has started to see disruption of its digital transformation journey with a range of emerging technologies, new competition and evolving business models delivering enhanced safety outcomes for our future.