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Social Innovation

Mobility Becomes Integrated and Seamless

    Technology has been a key enabler of all new mobility business models, as well as driving considerable change within the automotive and transportation sectors. For example, the penetration of smartphones, connected devices and infrastructure has led to a world of potential exploitation of Big Data, improving mobility in the process.

    Social Innovation is essential for cities and companies that want to truly deliver an integrated mobility ecosystem of tomorrow, by understanding the challenges faced by transportation at present, and offering incremental and radical innovation to solve these. The areas most likely to benefit the most from this innovation include congestion and air pollution caused by transport, journey time reliability, information on transport, connectivity - both internet related and transport accessibility related, infrastructure, and security – both physical and cyber related.

    "Regarded by many as the most transformative force in transportation – connectivity has the potential to positively impact our lives, as well as our commutes, by linking up a seamless vision of connected living"