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Social Innovation

What is “Social Innovation”?

To resolve a wide range of social issues through utilizing “IT (Information Technology),” “OT (Operational Technology),” “Products,” and “Lumada” which Hitachi has developed over the years. This is Hitachi’s Social Innovation Business.

By positioning "Digital," "Green," and "Innovation" as drivers of growth and accelerating our Social Innovation Business, we will focus on fulfilling what people around the world dream about – in other words, realizing “GOOD” things.

Tackling Society's Issues Around the World

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  • How Hitachi and Happy Cow Creamery Are Using Smart Technology to Advance Agriculture

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  • Hitachi and Rainforest Connection Join Forces to Defend the Rainforest and Confront Climate Change

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  • Hitachi Developing an In-Wheel Motor for EVs: "Realizing a More Comfortable Cabin"

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It is difficult to overcome today’s complex challenges with just the power of one person or one organization.

That’s why it is essential to co-create with various partners to deliver the change the world needs. But to make real and lasting changes, Social Innovation Business goes even further.

Hitachi has been powering a better world for over 110 years. We are creating a safer, smarter society by integrating rich expertise in social infrastructure and digital technology. Our collaborative creation with customers is now accelerating even more with “Lumada” - Hitachi’s advanced digital solutions, services, and technologies for turning data into insights to drive digital innovation.