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Social Innovation


To help people travel in greater safety and comfort between cities, Hitachi offers advanced solutions for railway rolling stock design and manufacture, operations management, monitoring and control, information services, and maintenance, as well as road and airport management and control.

We're also developing electric-vehicle technologies to help realize more environmentally aware modes of transportation. As a comprehensive mobility systems integrator, Hitachi is supporting the future of the transportation infrastructure, from railways to automobiles.

Brett Dolan touched on revitalise transport infrastructure
Brett Dolan, General Manager – Social Infrastruture Group, Hitachi Australia at the Hitachi Social Innovation Forum Brisbane

Michele Fracchiolla touched on the Future of Rail
Michele Fracchiolla, Chairman, Ansaldo STS Australia at the Hitachi Social Innovation Forum Brisbane

The Railway is at the Core of Every City

Maybe train tracks don't go on forever, but they do need to develop as the cities around them grow. At Hitachi, we use advanced information technologies to build world-leading trains and rail systems that connect people and help communities thrive. We also create new services that enrich lives by linking trains to various levels of the social infrastructure.

Theo Scherman touched on the Future of Mobility
Theo Scherman, Global Social Innovation Business Strategy Lead, Hitachi Consulting Australia at the Hitachi Social Innovation Forum Brisbane

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