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Social Innovation

Social Innovation at Hitachi Oceania
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Our Social Innovators


The world is facing a growing number of challenges. An increasing global population, a steady decline in natural resources and the effects of climate change all threaten to impact future generations.

However, at Hitachi Oceania we believe that technology can play a vital role in solving the world’s challenges. We call this Social Innovation.

By leveraging our expertise in IT with our extensive infrastructure capabilities, we create total solutions that address local issues. At Hitachi Oceania, we are dedicated to collaborating with government, corporations and communities to foster innovative thinking and deliver life-changing outcomes for society and individuals.

Here are some of the ways we are creating a better tomorrow.

Atsushi-Konishi on Social Innovation
Atsushi Konishi, Managing Director, Hitachi Australia at the Hitachi Social Innovation Forum Brisbane


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    Social Innovation People

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    Hitachi's First Steps Towards Sustainability in the Oceania Region

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