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Social Innovation

The Internet of Things (IoT) - Transforming Your World

IoT is bringing together data, people and machines like never before… and with this connected world comes an opportunity for all of us. An opportunity to use insight to make more informed decisions, improve outcomes and make our world smarter. Hitachi creates real-world IoT solutions that you can deploy today.

Lumada - IoT Core Platform

At the heart of IoT Innovation, Lumada provides an open architecture to support collaboration. It's also adaptable, verified and secure to accelerate your digital transformation. Use Lumada to create IoT solutions that work with your infrastructure, solve your problems, and change with your needs. Hitachi Insight Group leverages the capabilities of Hitachi's business units to create real-world IoT solutions.

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IoT Solutions

Smart Cities

IoT provides the intelligence and allows innovation to makes cities smarter…

We all want to live in a smart city - one that is safe, green and vibrant - that offers economic opportunities and a great quality of life. Hitachi is helping cities become smarter - with solutions to improve everything from public safety and transportation to a city's ability to innovate and thrive.

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Smart Industry

Combining operational technology with IT to optimize efficiency and reduce downtime…

We know your challenges - you need to maximize the intelligence of your operations, make your factory more efficient, and practice predictive maintenance to improve the bottom line and promote end-to-end optimization. Our advanced analytics solutions can help.

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Smart Energy

More reliable, less costly, and cleaner energy is achievable…

With limited resources, smart energy is fast becoming a requirement - that is, energy that is reliable, resilient, less costly and easy to implement. We can help with resilient and efficient solutions that meet your needs from design to operation, but don't require a huge capital investment.

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